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    Pests that surround your home can be unsightly and are a cause of serious concern. They are extremely harmful. And have the potential to contaminate homes, spread disease, and property before you know it. A pest problem has to be dealt with quickly and effectively. You can also call us to book a pest control Brisbane services on the same day on +61480014589


    At Pestico Pest Control Brisbane, we recognize that a pest infestation within your homes and personal space must be given due attention to. But it also implies that you would be hesitant in allowing a pest technician to enter inside your personal space and access to your entire home. Our pest experts and technicians are trained to be considerate and treat your homes with the same respect as we would treat ours. We are courteous to your surroundings and do our jobs effectively.

    We give utmost importance to relationships with our clients. This plays a major role in the processes we employ to fulfil your needs. We understand that each property needs a unique solution which is dependent on its surroundings, and the amount of pest infestation. As a result of we put in the extra time to get to know you and understand your needs. Each client is treated as if they were our own family and we tend to your homes with the same attitude. We can empathize with the distress that you go through when you find a pests scampering through your kitchen cabinets or eating through the drywall in your business place or residence. Our reputation is unmatched and speaks for itself. Most of our clients at Pestico Pest Control Brisbane are acquired through word of mouth spread by happy and satisfied customers. We strive to build a long lasting relationship with our customers and are devoted to their satisfaction


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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Common Questions.

    How much experience and training do your technicians have?

    Our pest control services recognize the importance of being equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience to conduct the job efficiently. Getting rid of pests is difficult as they infiltrate your surroundings in huge numbers, creating havoc and spreading diseases. As a result technicians must also understand the environment they are dealing with and the hard work that is required to solve your problem. An incomplete job or quick fix can result in pests returning again. We provide you with technicians who are highly skilled and carry years of expertise with them. They are courteous and strive to satisfy you. We are here to provide with quality service and return for value on your money.

    Are your exterminators licensed and insured?

    Our exterminators follow the industry guidelines ad have all the necessary licenses. As a result we understand the proper safety practices to follow and further take care of the necessary cleaning protocols to provide you with the best service.

    How much will it cost me?

    The costs would vary depending on the amount of infestation. We will send our technicians to conduct a home inspection and will provide you with a pocket friendly cost, that is written for your convenience.

    Can you identify the source of the infestation?

    Our technicians at Pestico Pest Control Brisbane are competent and skilled. They can identify the source of termite that has infested your house and recommend the best course of action to get rid of it for a long term solution. This also helps us identify where other pests are likely to infest in your homes. We are well trained with pest how termites breed, where rodents like to hide, and what attracts cockroaches.

    Are you available on weekends?

    Yes, with our dedicated and disciplined staff, we offer our services on all days of the week including weekends.

    How do we get started?

    Ready to get rid of the bugs and pests in your Brisbane home? We’ll make the process easy. Just contact us online and we’ll get straight to work. We’ll come out to your home and do a general assessment to determine the best solution to your pest issue. Our certified exterminators will help you identify the kind of pest you’re dealing with as well as the source of the infestation. From there, we will further create a treatment plan that exterminates the pests that currently infiltrate your home and provides you with long term solutions.

    Are the products you use safe for people, pets, and plants?

    Yes. We use nothing other than the safest fully tested products to ensure the safety of your family. We employ these treatments in a multiplicity of sensitive situations, like food manufacturing units and child care centers. The products we use are completely ecofriendly and made from natural sources and odorless too. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available on request. To be safe and extremely careful around infants and toddlers we may ask you to vacate the house in some situations for your peace of mind and safety.

    Will you monitor the situation after treatment?

    We check for other pests while we treat the present problem. We further offer tips on how to prevent a reinfestation and will schedule a yearly inspection.

    What Types Of Treatments Are Used?

    A variety of treatments may be required in some areas depending on the amount of infestation. These might include mist sprays, gels and baits to name a few. This is largely determined the type of pest that infiltrates your house.

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