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    Are you searching for a reliable ant control service provider? Look no further as Pestico Pest Control Brisbane is the best company that offers dependable solutions for the eradication of ants. We can eliminate all the species of ants from your house or office with help of effective ant control Woodview strategies.

    Ants live in colonies and they can bite a person at any time. The ant bite is painful and you should take precautionary measures against ants. At our company, we follow an eco-friendly approach that is also safe for children and pets. Our services are not only effective but affordable too. To get a free quote or more details about our ant control service, feel free to call us at 0485931664.

    Why Ants Get Attracted to Your Home or Office?

    Ants are tiny in size but can prove to be deadly. Some species of ants such as bulldog ants , fire ants, and bullet ants are considered dangerous. Ants not only affect health but also pose threat to personal belongings and food products. Wondering how these ants enter the house? There are several things that can attract ants. Have a look at them:

    • If enough food sources are available in your house, the ants are bound to enter the home. When you leave the food bowls uncovered or don’t store the food packets in air-tight containers, the ants consume them. You can often find ants near sugary products or bread crumbs.
    • Carpenter ants usually feed on decaying wood. The ants enter the garden when decaying wood is present.
    • Moisture is a major factor that attracts ants to your house. Leaking faucets and water pipes can provide ample water or moisture to the ants. Once they get water sources in your home, they also start laying eggs. Within a few days, the mild infestation turns into the severe one.
    • Open garbage bins can be tempting for ants. After all, they get warmth, moisture and lots of food in the trash bin. If you don’t empty the trash bins daily, the ants will surely invade your residence.

    If any of the reasons has invited lots of ants into your home, there is no need to worry! You can ask our ant control Woodview team to remove the pests.

    Potential Threats Posed by Ants

    Do you know there are around 22,000 classified species of ants? The ants exist on almost all continents and they have always been problematic for humans. Whenever you find ants in your house, call the experts at Pestico Pest Control. Failing to do so can lead to many negative impacts such as:

    • The ants have a stinger that helps them in injecting the venom into the human body while biting. The ant bite is painful and can cause redness, inflammation and itching. Humans can also suffer from diarrhoea, chest pain, dizziness and nausea if the reaction is severe.
    • Some species of spiders such as brown recluse and black widow feed on ants. The existence of ants on a property can attract these dangerous spiders too.
    • Ants not only affect health but also cause destruction to property. They can ruin the wooden structure. They can cause damage to moist wood and spoil the structures like windows, door frames, porches, etc.
    • The ants can contaminate the food products and lead to serious health issues.

    Isn’t it risky to have the ants around? Reach out to Pestico Pest Control and hire our ant control Woodview experts.

     Why Choose Pestico Pest Control?

    Our company has been serving many clients in both commercial and residential places. With an efficient team, we deliver excellent results. If you are looking for the best company in Woodview, then you must rely on us because of the following reasons:

    • Our company offers a fantastic range of pest control services at affordable prices.
    • Our team is equipped with the latest tools and products.
    • We use modern technology and our experience to exterminate pests.
    • Our pest control treatments are safe for kids and pets.
    • You can book the pest control service on the same day.

    How to Identify Ant Infestation?

    To prevent the negative consequences of ant infestation, it is crucial to recognise it at the right time. The ants lay many eggs in a lifetime. They quickly spread all over the house upon receiving the suitable conditions. To make things easier for you, we have listed some signs of the ant infestation. If you ever notice them, immediately call the ant control Woodview team.

    • You can notice ants around the food products in your kitchen. If you drop sugary food and some insects come around it in a queue, then they are ants for sure.
    • Do you find wood dust near the wooden structures in your garden? It can be an indicator of the presence of carpenter ants.
    • The ant nests are quite similar to soil piles in appearance. If you find holes in the soil piles, there can be ants inside them.

    How do We Remove Ants?

    The ant removal process is not easy. It requires experience and knowledge of several techniques to remove the ants from a place. The workers at Pestico Pest Control Woodview team prepare a customised plan for every house. But, the basic steps remain the same. Check out the steps that we follow to eradicate the ants:

    1. Assessment of the Property

    When you book the ant control service, our experts reach your workplace or residence to determine some details. Data such as ant species, the intensity of the infestation and area size is collected for the preparation of the treatment plan.

    2. Removal of Ant Shelters

    The ants make nets in different places like soil, trees, wood and so on. Our professionals use various tools to trace the activities of the ants. They are able to locate the nesting places as they have years of experience and knowledge about ant behaviour. The experts destroy the nests with great care. They wear safety outfits and use the relevant tools to destroy the nests. To suffocate the ants, the experts also use pesticides.

    3. Use of Ant Pesticides

    There can be hundreds of ants in a tiny hole. When the infestation becomes severe, it is necessary for the experts to use pesticides. For some holes and cracks, ducting method is also used. Usually, chemicals are sprayed in liquid form. The pesticides used by our professionals are safe for health. They are odour-free and hypoallergenic.

    4. Follow Up

    The experts check the treated site again to see whether the ants have vanished from the place or not. If required, we would use the pesticides again to kill the remaining ants. Before leaving your place, the experts would educate you about different ways of ant prevention. By following those tips, you will be able to prevent the ants for a long time.

    To seek help from our ant control Woodview team, feel free to contact us today. We would give you a free quote after understanding your requirements.

    Our Ant Control solutions for Businesses

    The footfall rate in commercial places is higher than in residential places. This is why many people can suffer from ant infestation. People may get bitten by the ants. These things are not good for a business. The reputation is badly affected when the customers, visitors and staff members find ants marching the in the kitchen and premises. Pestico Pest Control Woodview offers services to all commercial places. You can contact us at any time to book our affordable package.

    Book Pest Control Service on Same Day

    Do you urgently require pest control treatment in your house or office? Call Pestico Pest Control. We have an amazing team that would reach your place within a few hours. We will have all the equipment and products. You don’t even have to leave your house for days because our pesticides are odour-free. You will not face the issues like skin allergies or breathing difficulty.

    Ant Prevention Tips by The Pros

    Professional treatments are great. But, they can’t keep the pests away for long if the prevention methods are not taken seriously. If you want the pest control result to last for a longer time, then these tips can be beneficial for you:

    • The cracks, gaps, and holes in the walls, windows, doors and furniture should be sealed properly.
    • Always keep the food in air-tight containers.
    • Cover the food with a lid so that its aroma does not reach the ants.
    • Keep the trash bins covered. Don’t leave them uncovered or filled for days.
    • Before the situation go out of control, contact ant control professionals.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How much do I have to pay for ant control treatment?

    To know the exact price, you can contact our executive. We take various aspects such as infestation severity, pest species and property size into consideration while calculating the price. Our service is affordable and we will try to offer the service at the lowest possible price.

    2. Is it necessary to hire experts for pest control?

    The experts know everything from ants. They have knowledge about any behaviour, food preferences and habitats. They can easily find the access points for the ants. Also, professionals can select the best pesticides to kill the ants.

    3. How often should I book the ant control treatment?

    The ant control treatment should be booked after noticing the signs of the ant infestation. Usually, the treatment shows great results for one year. Sometimes, the ants invade the houses through soil or neighbours’ houses. In this case, the service can be booked after every three months.

    4. Do you provide ant control services for commercial places?

    Yes. Pestico Pest Control provides ant control services to almost all kinds of commercial places like factories, offices, retail stores, warehouses, pantries, hospitals, schools, etc.

    5. Can I use a natural remedy to kill the ants?

    If there are a few ants in your home, you can use a solution of white vinegar and water to kill the ants. But, this remedy is not effective for severe ant infestation. You must call ant control professionals for the best results.

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