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    Even the thought of bed bugs can strike fear into the hearts of people who had a first-hand experience with a bed bug infestation. These notorious pests are known to cause discomfort and issues with sleep. So, if you have bed bug infestation and want to get rid of them, call Bed Bug Brisbane.

    Bed Bug Brisbane is one of the trusted bed bug treatment and bed bug control teams with around 25 years in the business. We follow the Pest Control Industry Code of Practice to the T, and our skilled technicians do a thorough bed bug inspection and treatment for effective results. Further, our friendly staff is available 24×7 to answer all your queries regarding bed bugs.

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    Bed bugs are very common and do not reflect one’s hygiene. Bed bugs infestation can happen in a luxury hotel and even in a humble house. Bed bugs are one of the most travelled pests with infestation spread through language and pre-loved furniture. Bed Bug Brisbane can help you get rid, and prevent future outbreaks using one-of-its-kind bed bug treatment.

    Our bed bug control team has over 25 years of experience in handling all types of bed bugs in both residential as well as commercial places. Bed Bug Brisbane is focused to offer quality service to each and every client and we even guarantee our work.

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    Effects Of Bed Bugs In The Home

    Bed bugs are known for their vicious bites in the night, which can induce allergies or rashes in a person. If bed bug infestation is not treated, it can cause serious health complications and discomfort while sleeping. If there is an infestation at your home, then you are at risk of the following:

    Damage to the bed and other furniture: When the bed bugs bite you, they leave a small trace of blood, causing blood spots on the furniture, bedding, and sheets. They can also stain the furniture with their faeces and spoil your décor.
    Hampering health: Bed bug bites are not usually painful but can induce allergies and rashes in a person. Further, you feel the discomfort of the bite for several hours, but the mark remains for at least two to six weeks.
    Disturbing sleeping patterns: With bed bugs on the bed, a person cannot have a sound sleep, as these pests keep lurking to bite you when you relax. Call Bed Bug Brisbane now to ensure that you get a healthy sleep every day.

    Signs Of Bed Bug Infestation

    Bed bugs are parasites that feed on your blood. These pests cannot jump or fly but can crawl very quickly. Further, they are great travellers and can be easily transported from one place to another with the help of luggage, furniture, beddings, etc. Plus, you should always look for the below-mentioned sign to quickly treat bed bug infestation.

    Bed bugs sighting: Bed bugs come out during the night or when you rest on the bed. It is difficult to see them at first as they hide in cracks and crevices.
    Bite marks on the body: This is one of the most common signs of bed bug infestation. The spots where bed bugs bite become itchy, red, or even get rashes. Further, you will notice spots of blood on beddings, sheets, and furniture, indicating that they are feeding off you.
    Bed bug faeces in the cracks of the bed and in the mattress: Bed bugs will leave faeces in the places where they take habitat. Further, you can easily find faeces when you search for them.

    Causes For Bed Bug Infestation

    Bed Bugs are excellent travellers and can easily enter your abode. Thus, it is very crucial that you disinfect all the language, and bags once you come from a long public transport or after you visit public places. As there are chances that you might get infected while watching a movie in a movie theatre or by visiting a local food outlet.

    It is not possible for one person to take safety precautions all the time. So, if your abode is infested with bed bugs, then call Bed Bug Brisbane, to effectively remove bed bugs.

    Bed Bugs Treatment And Control

    Removing bed bugs is not an easy task, and Bed Bug Brisbane is committed to removing bed bugs effectively from your place. One of the most successful ways of dealing with an infestation is finding and cleaning each and every room.

    Use adhesive tapes when the infestation is easy to reach and kill. Further, incinerate the tapes and bag prior to disposing of them.
    Thoroughly wash the sheet of the infested bed in hot water. Plus, by applying heat in the affected area, you can destroy bed bugs and larva. Also, ensure that the heat is sudden, or else bed bugs will move to other locations.
    By freezing the bedsheet for 10-12 hours, you can eliminate bed bugs.
    The use of dry ice is one of the effective non-chemical treatments.
    Use of chemical spray after carefully examining the affected areas.


    How to get rid of bed bugs?

    In order to effectively get rid of bed bugs, one should take professional help. Call Bed Bug Brisbane to remove bed bugs at the most affordable cost.

    Where do bed bugs live?

    Bed bugs live in the cracks and crevices of the bed, sofas, tables, chairs, and other furniture. If not treated at the initial stage, it can spread throughout the house.

    Do we need professionals to get rid of bed bugs?

    Yes! Removing bed bugs can be a difficult job, and it is advised to take professional help to get rid of bed bugs effectively. Call Bed Bug Brisbane to get rid of bed bugs in the most efficient way.

    Do bed bugs harm humans?

    Yes! Bed bugs do harm humans. Bed bugs are parasites that suck blood to survive. Bed bug bites are non-lethal but can cause infection and rashes in the bitten area.

    How to identify bed bugs in the home?

    If you are not having a peaceful sleep in the nights, blood stains on sheets, rashes on the body, or visible bed bugs. If you notice any of these signs, call Bed Bug Brisbane to get rid of the bed bugs.

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