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    Are bed bugs making it difficult for you to sleep at night? Don’t let these pests ruin your sleep quality. Hire the bedbugs control Brisbane experts and get rid of these pests within a few days. Our team can efficiently destroy the bed bugs and their eggs with help of the right pesticides and techniques.

    Pestico Pest Control Brisbane has been operating in the industry for more than 25 years. Our team of experienced experts knows various ways to prevent and control the outbreak of bed bugs in a house. Our company also provides pest control services in commercial places. If you want a free quote, feel free to call us at 0485931664

    Our certified professional expertise knows the modern techniques to remove moths and their traces from the house or workplace. We also disinfectant your place and make it clean and safe for your health concerns. Our team will effectively remove the moths out of your residence or workplace.

    Negative Impacts of Bed Bugs Infestation

    • The bed bugs can leave blood stains on the bed sheet after getting crushed under the human body at night. The blood of one infected person can be harmful to another person using the same bed.
    • Bed bugs usually bite humans at night. This hampers the quality of sleep up to an extent. It is disturbing for people to sleep when they know that bed bugs can come at any time to bite them.
    • Skin rashes, inflammation and pain are some problems that a person faces after getting bitten by bedbugs.

    Why Choose Us?

    Are you worried because of bed bugs? There is no need to compromise on your sleep quality because of the terror of the bed bug bites because we are offering the best pest control treatment for bed bugs in Brisbane. You can depend on us for the services because we have the following key specialities:

    Our company is licensed and experienced.
    Hampering health:The team works seven days a week to fulfil the pest control requirements
    We quickly respond to all your queries.
    Choose us to get unmatched results at reasonable prices.
    Our bed bug treatments are safe for pets and children.

    Identification of Bed Bugs

    Bedbugs are quick in crawling. They find their way to your home by sitting in a shopping bag or travel bag. It might not be easy for you to spot these bugs because they are tiny. But, these signals can help you in recognising these pests:

    • You can find the bed bugs in the cracks of the beds or the crevices of the mattresses.
    • The blood spots on the bed sheets can be an indicator of the presence of the bed bugs.
    • Tiny brown dots on your bed can be the faeces of the bed bugs.
    • You will discover some bit marks on your body frequently if the bed bugs exist on your bed.

    These are some common signs that can be useful for you. Once you spot these signs, you should directly speak with Pestico Pest Control Brisbane for consultation.

    How do Bed Bugs Enter Your Residence?

    The bed bugs are small in size and can quickly shift from one place to another.  When you visit a public place like a hotel or travel on public transport, these pests sit in your bag or cling to your clothes. They come home with you by making your bags their carrier. To prevent the bed bugs, it is strongly recommended to check the clothes and bags before entering the house.

    Some Surprising Facts about Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs are not just regular insects. You will be surprised to know some amazing facts about the bed bugs:

    • Bed bugs can lay up to 500 eggs in a lifetime.
    • A bed bug has the capacity to hold almost 120 gallons of blood.
    • You will not feel the pain from the bed bugs immediately because the saliva of these pests works as anaesthesia.
    • Bugs don’t drink cold or spilled blood.

    Different Types of Bed Bugs

    Based on the host type and presence in different parts of the world, the bed bugs can be of three types:

    • lectularius

    These bed bugs are usually found in temperate climates. They feed on human blood and can be easily found on mattresses, carpets, sofas, etc.

    • hemipterus

    These types of bed bugs love to stay in tropical regions. They also drink human blood. Their bites can show symptoms such as wheals, lesions, and itchiness.

    • boueti

    The primary hosts for the pests are bats. These bed bugs prefer to stay in tropical regions. It is not very common to find these bugs in homes.

    Process of Bed Bugs Removal in Brisbane

    The exterminators at Pestico Pest Control Brisbane are well-versed with the latest techniques of bed bug removal. They can handle severe infestation with ease. Our professionals follow a systematic process to eradicate the bed bugs:

    • Site Inspection

    Bed bugs can hide in cracks and crevices of the beds, electrical outlets and walls. They lay eggs under the carpets and mattresses. Our bedbugs control Brisbane team inspects the home or commercial places and figures out the major breeding places and entry points for the bed bugs.

    • Cleaning the Upholstery

    For basic cleaning before the treatments, our experts use a vacuum cleaner. The dander, eggs and a few bugs get collected in the vacuum cleaner. Next, hot water is used to wash the bed sheets and the upholstery products.

    • Chemical and Non-Chemical Treatments

    The bed bugs usually infest mattresses. That’s why our experienced team uses safe and organic pesticides to destroy the bugs and the eggs. Our professionals target the larvae of the bed bugs by using suitable chemical treatments.

    Apart from spraying the chemicals, our professionals use dry ice and heating treatment to kill the bed bugs. The treatments used by our company are effective and will provide you with long-term protection against bed bugs.

    • Post-Treatment Assessment

    The team at Pestico Pest Control Brisbane check the effectiveness of the treatments on the bed bugs after a few days. They check whether the eggs and larvae are completely destroyed or not. If everything looks fine, the experts take an exit after taking approval from the client.

    Best Practices to Keep the Bed Bugs Away from Home

    The bed bugs tend to reoccur at a place if certain things are not taken care of. To help you in keeping the house bedbug-free, you should follow these prevention tips:

    • Check the furniture carefully if it is second-hand. The furniture should not have a single bed bug.
    • Carpets, curtains, mattresses and sofas should be cleaned regularly with a vacuum cleaner.
    • Remove clutter from the house. Piling up unnecessary objects in the house invites lots of bed bugs into the house.
    • Empty your travel bags outside the door to prevent the chances of a bedbug infestation.
    • The cracks, crevices and holes should be sealed to stop the outbreak of bugs in the home.

    Bedbug Control Brisbane Solutions for Businesses

    These days, people want to stay in clean and hygienic places. Whether you are a hotel owner or a hospital owner, you have to focus on the cleanliness of your beds, sofas and carpets in order to attract more visitors and customers. Bed bugs on the hotel beds not only scare the visitors but also increase the chances of infections. To protect the reputation of the business and the well-being of the customers, you must hire pest control experts from our company.

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    Pestico Pest Control is an experienced provider of pest control solutions in Brisbane. Our company is known for its high-quality services and affordability. If you have any concerns or need a free quote, you can call us at any time on our helpline number.


    How to get rid of bed bugs?

    In order to effectively get rid of bed bugs, one should take professional help. Call Bed Bug Brisbane to remove bed bugs at the most affordable cost.

    Where do bed bugs live?

    Bed bugs live in the cracks and crevices of the bed, sofas, tables, chairs, and other furniture. If not treated at the initial stage, it can spread throughout the house.

    Do we need professionals to get rid of bed bugs?

    Yes! Removing bed bugs can be a difficult job, and it is advised to take professional help to get rid of bed bugs effectively. Call Bed Bug Brisbane to get rid of bed bugs in the most efficient way.

    Do bed bugs harm humans?

    Yes! Bed bugs do harm humans. Bed bugs are parasites that suck blood to survive. Bed bug bites are non-lethal but can cause infection and rashes in the bitten area.

    How to identify bed bugs in the home?

    If you are not having a peaceful sleep in the nights, blood stains on sheets, rashes on the body, or visible bed bugs. If you notice any of these signs, call Bed Bug Brisbane to get rid of the bed bugs.

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