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    Waking up to the sound of birds chirping and flapping winds is pleasurable. However, some bird species can prove to be a real nuisance. They can cause harm to the structure of your building and spread various hazardous diseases as well.

    Birds build nests as a shelter for their young ones. The young birds soon leave their nests after they can sustain themselves on their own. The nests that they leave behind can be dangerous for human health due to bird droppings and the material used for building them. This makes bird nesting control in Brisbane indispensable to you.

    The team at Pestico Pest Control Brisbane knows several humane techniques that can be used to remove the nests and birds from the premises. Our services are preferred by both commercial and residential clients as we give the perfect results at affordable prices. If you want to get a free quote or know more about our service, feel free to contact us at 0489908469.

    Why Control Bird Nesting?

    Allowing the birds to stay on your property can be harmful to you in many ways. Right from property damage to health damage, various side effects of bird infestation are faced by the people. Here is a list of the negative repercussions that you can face because of birds:

    Hazardous to health

    Materials from which the nests are built can carry multiple diseases harmful to humans and the health of your pets. The mess caused by bird droppings needs to be attended to effectively. The birds and their droppings are responsible for spreading more than 60 diseases. Some common diseases caused by the birds are Allergic Alveolitis, Avian Influenza, Psittacosis, Salmonellosis, and Candidiasis.

    Equipment damage

    Bird droppings contain a particular acid through which the corrosion and staining of cars can occur. They might also disrupt the functioning of machinery.

    Bird Mites

    Tiny creatures that feed on the nests built by birds are known as bird mites. The birds migrate from one nest to another, these mites search for an alternative place. While doing this, they can harm humans. They might cause itching as well.

    Bird Droppings

    Bird droppings might infest your food storage as well as create blockages in the drain if not cleaned at regular intervals.  This proves to be a grave problem when flooding occurs. Greasy bird dropping might also put your children in danger of falling.

    Aren’t these some serious issues? Contact Pestico Pest Control Brisbane today and hire our specialists to avoid these problems.

    Why Choose Our Services?

    Our company has gained a loyal client base in the city because of the quality that we offer in our services. Our pest control treatments are very effective and our team is simply exceptional. You must consider booking our pest control treatments because we can offer you the following perks:

    • We are an experienced company that has been in the industry for the past few decades. With the passing of time, we have acquired expertise in bird nesting control and the variety of problems that accompany a nesting situation on your premises.
    • We are one of the most favoured and renowned bird nesting control services in Brisbane. We give utmost importance to the relationships we foster with our customers
    • We are available for emergency bookings because we recognize the urgent need to tend to the bird nesting situation on your premises.
    • The customer is our priority at Bird nesting control Brisbane and we leave your premises in a healthier and safer condition than it was before. We are committed to catering customised solutions that would provide you satisfaction.
    • We are available through all days of the week for 24*7 hours. Our professional team is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to remove bird pests from your premises
    • We use eco-friendly products that do not harm the environment. Our professional bird experts assist you with the best possible way to deal with your unique situation. Moreover, our team consists of hardworking individuals who have all the essential tools for clearing pests off your premises<./li>
    • The nests of the ants look like a pile of soil. You can find the nests on the walls, trees, and even the ground
    • Our work does not simply stop here. We take all possible measures to ensure that these pests do not return to your premises after a stipulated amount of time. We strive to provide our best services at affordable rates

    Signs of Bird Infestation

    Recognizing the signs of a serious bird nesting problem and working on it immediately can drastically reduce the length of time needed to effectively control pest birds. Some commonly identifiable pest birds are Pigeons, Seagulls, House Sparrows, and Starlings. The following signs mentioned by us can make it easier for you to recognise bird infestation:

    • Birds usually sit on a flat surface. So, you can find them sitting on the roofs, lamp posts or ledges.
    • If there are bird nests in your home, you will be continuously disturbed by the noises made by the young chicks.
    • You will find things like twigs, cloth pieces, and cotton in the yard where the bird nest is present.
    • Your garden and walls will look messy because of the droppings of the birds.
    • You can also find broken eggs in the garden if the birds are nesting there.

    Did you notice any of these signs in your home or commercial property premises? If yes, simply hire the bird nesting control Brisbane experts.

    Procedure of Birds Nesting Control in Brisbane

    Controlling the birds from nesting at a place can be difficult without seeking help from experts. In our company, the experts follow a systematic procedure to tackle the outburst of birds. Our professionals use a customised plan to deal with the bird infestation. To know about this process in detail, you should check out these points:

    • Assessment of the Place

    Bird species, the intensity of infestation, size of the property, and the number of nests are some aspects that must be checked before implementing any strategy. That’s why our team visits the place and notes down the required details.

    • Preparation of Customised Treatment Plan

    Based on the details gathered in the inspection, our professionals make a plan for the treatment. This plan includes details like distribution of work, selection of products, exclusion methods, pesticide selection and much more.

    • Birds and Nest Removal

    In this step, our experts start removing the nests. They use relevant tools and ensure that no harm is caused to the birds. Later, some birds are relocated to a safe place. To kill the birds or remove them, we usually use pesticides. Fogging machines and sprays are used to suffocate the birds. The chemical treatments become essential when the intensity of the infestation is severe.

    Apart from chemicals, our professionals use various other techniques to remove the birds from a place. Sonic devices work amazingly well removing the birds from a place. The ultrasonic sounds emitted by the devices can’t be handled by the birds and they fly away from there. Shock tracks and laser machines are used to eliminate the birds from a place.

    • Prevention

    Once the chemical-based and other treatments are done, our team uses nets, spikes, bird gels, and visual scares to prevent the birds from entering the treated site again.

    • Post-Treatment Monitoring

    A few days after the implementation of chemical treatment and prevention techniques, our team checks the condition of the bird infestation. Our experts see whether the bird nesting control Brisbane process should be extended or not.

    Bird Nesting Control in Commercial Places

    Bird feathers and droppings can pose threat to the reputation of a business. The customers, visitors, and employees in commercial places such as hotels, hospitals, schools, old-age homes, and malls can get sick because of the bird dander. Also, the vehicles and machines on the premises can get damaged because of bird droppings.

    The bird nesting control Brisbane experts in our company can efficiently remove all the nests from the premises without taking too much time. So, call us today to book an affordable bird pest control service for your commercial place.

    Bird Prevention Tips by the Pros

    If birds are making it difficult for you to roam in your garden or enjoy peaceful sleep, then you must try out these prevention methods suggested by our experts:

    • You can use spikes to cover the fences, walls, ledges and lamp posts. Birds will surely refrain from sitting on the spikes.
    • Water sprinklers with motion sensors can be perfect for scaring away the birds.
    • Right from fruits to stuff in your trash bins, all the sources of foods must be eliminated.
    • You can use decoys to scare the birds.
    • Ultrasonic bird-frightening devices can be used to keep the birds away.

    Some Other Services Offered by Our Company

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    If you are fed up with the sharp bird noises at night and messy garden, you can book our bird nesting control Brisbane service. Our professionals will reach your home or office with all the relevant products and tools. So, pick up your phone and call us right away for the booking.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Do you use inhumane techniques to kill the birds?

    Generally, we try to remove the birds safely from houses and buildings to avoid the deaths of birds. Our team removes the nests properly and causes no harm to birds. But, we have to use fumigation and pesticide sprays to kill the birds when the infestation is severe.

    1. Do you offer bird control services in commercial places?

    Yes, Pestico Pest Control Brisbane services are offered for commercial places such as malls, hospitals, schools, etc.

    1. Which method do you use to prevent the entry of birds?

    We use different things like nets, spikes, visual deterrents, chemicals, and sonic devices to keep the birds away from the house.

    1. What is the price of the birds nesting control service?

    To know the price of our service, you have to contact our team via sending a message through the contact form or calling us. We will immediately give you a free quote.

    1. Is bird control necessary?

    To minimize the risk of infections and damage to the property, you must book the bird control service from our company.

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