Protect your Home from a Moth Attack

Protect your Home from a Moth Attack

Moths are not known to pose any serious health hazards but with their white cocoons, these insects pose a threat to food safety. Moths’ tainted food has the power to cause allergic responses on the human skin. Mucosal irritations and digestive problems have been reported by some individuals as well. Apart from posing a health concern, moths have a knack for tearing holes in your clothing.

Signs of a moth infestation:

Moth Control Brisbane has stated some signs that can help you identify moth infestation. The signs are:

  • Fabric-eating moths will cause significant harm to your clothing.
  • Droppings and cocoons will be visible on your infected garments.
  • You’ll see pupae on cabinets, walls, drawers, and in every corner and hole.
  • Moth faeces may also be included in your food items.

How to save your home from a moth attack?

1. An assessment of the damaged locations and objects is the first step in the moth control service. An expert from Moth pest control services Brisbane will inspect your storage units, pantries, and kitchen cabinets. In contrast, a clothes moth exterminator will check your bedroom furniture, carpets, closets, and chests of drawers if you suspect a clothing moth infestation. It is essential to search for evidence of moth activity, such as ruined food, ruined textiles, eggs, silken casings, or feeding tubes. Professionals then assess infestation levels and types and select the appropriate anti-moth product and application strategy for the situation.

2. Before the treatment, all affected spaces and storage containers must be emptied. So if you have a pantry moth problem, please discard damaged open containers of food, and move linen, blankets, and clothing from closets and drawers. This will make sure that moth infestation does not spread any further. The pest expert will then use a potent pesticide, which will destroy all life stages of the pest.

3. Professional Moth Control in Brisbane suggests that you periodically check for signs of moth infestation; if you look at something that doesn’t seem normal, contact professionals. Your garments and textiles can be protected by putting bags of dried lavender in your storage room to deter moths. Ensure that dry foods are stored in airtight containers, clean your kitchen units regularly, and clean surfaces that have spills, sticky ring marks, or crumbs.

Fully skilled and certified pest control specialists from Pestico Pest Control Brisbane will eliminate moths and prevent them from returning, whether it’s a small or severe infestation at your home or office. The cost of these pest control services is affordable and the best in town.

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