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    Essential Dead Animal Removal Services in Brisbane

    Dead animal removal Brisbane is required to avoid the beginning of something harmful. The remains of rodents like rats, squirrels, possums, and porcupines are a major health hazard for your house and commercial establishments. Even after death, many of them carry infectious diseases.

    Single or few remains of dead animals may not seem like a big problem. But not everyone has the experience to tell the difference between the usual and infectious dead animals. That is why you need professionals like us to deal with such situations in a safe manner.

    At Pestico Pest Control Brisbane, we recommend our dead animal removal services to deal with any dead animals on your residential or commercial property. Do you want to get rid of dead animals? Hire us today. We are just a call away!

    Why Dead Animals are Harmful?

    The remains of dead animals have many damaging effects on your health. Rodents like rats carry diseases such as Hantavirus, leptospirosis, plague, typhus, etc. Additionally, the foul smell created by the remains of dead animals becomes worse with time. If you do not deal with it quickly, it can also turn into a health hazard. The longer it takes to find and deal with the remains, the stronger the smell becomes.

    It’s easy to remove the remains but getting rid of the smell can sometimes take days. That is why a quick response is essential. It will help you maintain the ambience inside your house and commercial establishment.

    The curious mind of a child can often wander to a place that is not frequently visited by everyone. If such places contain the remains of dead animals or carcasses, the health of your children could be in danger. It is essential to deal with any remains of dead animals to ensure your and the safety of your loved ones. So, book the dead animal removal Brisbane to keep the property free from germs and odours.

    Why Hire Us?

    If you are searching for a reliable dead animal removal service Brisbane, then Pestico Pest Control Brisbane is perfect for you. We would suggest you to book our service as you will be getting different advantages such as:

    • Our premium quality pest control services are available at affordable prices.
    • We can provide a free quote.
    • Same day and emergency booking options will help you in getting rid of the animal corpses within a few hours.
    • The team working with us is trained and experienced.
    • We are a licensed company and can remove protected species by adhering to the laws.
    • Our professionals not only remove the dead animals but also sanitise the place properly.

    How do We Work?

    At Pestico Pest Control Brisbane, we follow a series of protocols to deal with the remains of animals at your property. These protocols free your place from any traces of their remains or presence. Let’s get you familiar with them.

    Professional Inspection

    Inspection is our first and most important task. It allows us to find any missed remains or traces of dead animals. With a proper examination of your property, we find out the origin of foul smells, new and increasing pest infestations, and various other things that happen due to the undealt remains of dead animals.

    If the dead animals at your property are not the results of an infestation, we do a thorough examination of your property. It is necessary for us to understand why it happened and whether there are more dead animals at your place.

    Few dead rodents at your property can also indicate the existence of more. Therefore, we also examine places that could possibly have the remains of rodents and other animals.

    Determination of Cause of Pest Infestation

    The causes of dead animals at any property are many. Most of the time, food, easy points of entry, cracks on the walls and roof, and the need for shelter. All of this can lead animals toward your property. With rodents like rats and mice, the cause is almost always infestation and their extermination.

    If you stay unaware of the dead animals, the decomposition of their body begins and spreads a foul smell inside and all around your property. The smell is just the beginning. Eventually, the decomposition leads to new pest infestations. All of it can destroy the well-maintained ambience of your place. Finding the cause and effects allow us to deal with the dead remains effectively. It also safeguards your property from such incidents.

    Most of the dead animals are known to carry and spread diseases. That is why sometimes they require different methods of removal and cleaning. Our dead animal removal services are available for many different residential and commercial properties. We can also customise our methods to suit the specific needs of your property. We always utilise the certified product for removal and cleaning. Our experts make sure that they are in accordance with global safety standards.

    The Final Solution

    Once we know everything we need to know, our experts move forward with dead animal removal Brisbane at your place. We safely remove dead animal or animals from your property. After that, we begin cleaning any traces of dead animals on your property. A thorough post-removal cleaning is required to get rid of the foul smell, any pest infestations, and stains.

    At Pestico Pest Control Brisbane, our goal is to ensure your safety from any potential dangers of animal remains. We provide you with a time-saving solution to deal with the dead animals at your property.

    Preventative Measures

    We also make sure your property is protected from any further incidents like this. We deal with the points of entry and causes that allow the animals to enter your property. Our experts guide you about preventative measures for rodents and other animals. It helps you avoid and deal with the problem yourself. Some of the pest prevention tips are as follows:

    • Seal all the entry points like gaps, holes and cracks.
    • Keep the trash bins clean and empty them regularly.
    • Regular vacuuming and sweeping in the house can keep the pests away from your property.
    • Store the food properly. Don’t leave leftover food uncovered.
    • Use strong-scented oils to prevent pests.

    Dead Possum Removal Brisbane

    If your property is infested with protected species like possums, you will need a reliable pest control company to deal with them. The professional extermination service comes with the dead body removal services. It will make things easier for you.

    Possums are also known to carry diseases that can be harmful to humans. After death, these possums just become more dangerous. You could deal with them yourself if they are in small numbers. But without proper methods, you could still expose yourself to the diseases that dead possums carry.

    Possums can trespass and die in almost any part of your property such as the roof, storage areas and areas where they can go unnoticed. At Pestico Pest Control Brisbane, we can provide a professional dead animal removal service for possums.

    Our dead animal removal Brisbane involves trained and experienced experts that can professionally deal with the remains of mice, rats, squirrels, possums, porcupines, etc. We remove any traces of dead animals from your property. Our primary goal is to make your property safe for everyone.

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    Pestico Pest Control Brisbane is a dependable company that offers a wide variety of pest control services such as ant control, dead animal removal, flea control, birds nesting control, spider control, rodent control, bedbugs control, silverfishes control, etc. If you want to avoid the negative impacts of the dead bodies of animals, contact us today!


    1. How do you remove the corpses of dead animals?

    The odours and tiny pests surrounding the dead animal bodies help our professionals in finding the corpses. Also, we have immense knowledge about pests. We can recognise the potential locations where pests may die. We have different kinds of tools that help us to remove pests from unreachable locations.

    2. Are dead animals dangerous?

    Yes, dead animals can impact health badly. The odour released as a result of decomposition is not safe. The odours are basically some toxic gases like methane, sulphur dioxide and benzene derivatives. All these gases are harmful to health. Dead animals attract many tiny pests. These tiny insects can increase the problems.

    3. Why can’t I remove the dead animal?

    It is risky to touch a dead animal without taking proper training. The wounds and open scars on the corpses can cause infections. The germs might spread everywhere. Sometimes, the body of a dead animal can be in a bad condition. You can’t pick it easily. So, it is always better to hire dead animal removal Brisbane specialists.  They wear protective gear and use tools to remove dead bodies.

    4. Do you remove dead animals from commercial places?

    Yes, Pestico Pest Control Brisbane can remove dead animals from all kinds of commercial places such as hotels, hospitals, schools, malls, retail stores, etc.

    5. Which methods are used for disposing of dead animals?

    Three methods known as incineration, rendering and burying are used by the experts to dispose of dead animals.

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