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    Fleas are not only irritating insects; they can also impose infections. In fact, an adult flea can consume 15 times more blood than their body weight. This is how your pets are suffering from these tiny insects. Also, flea’s bites can cause intense irritation and itching.

    Fleas do not directly harm humans, but they can transmit the infection, tapeworms and bacterias. The adult biting fleas may make your pet their permanent residence. To reduce the risk of infection by fleas, one must contact the best flea control in Brisbane.

    Pestico pest control Brisbane can help you to get rid of fleas and make your pet flea-free. We have a team of experts with certifications. These experts know how to make your house more secure for your pets by maintaining hygiene.

    Why Is It Necessary To Get Rid Of Fleas?

    Most fleas bite cats and dogs and may not reach to human’s height. However, there is always a risk of flying fleas on your kid’s skin or your kitchen area. These risks can be taken lightly.

    Fleas can jump up to 6inches, making a ride from one pet to another. They can also make their room in your shoes or pants. An adult flea spends their entire life on a pet, sucking their blood every day. Reproduction of these fleas occurs within 24 hours. It means, once they enter your house, they produce more fleas making your home, theirs.

    It’s time for you to contact the best flea control in Brisbane when you notice your pets are scratching themselves more than usual. They may also cause big patches of irritated skin. The infection caused by fleas can also be life-threatening for your pets or even for your kids.

    Health Threats By Fleas

    Fleas can transmit potential health risks from pets to animals. It can be a major health threat for all family members. Your pets can’t always stay indoor. Once they are out, roaming around other street animals, they catch fleas. These fleas then spread tapeworms which can affect your pet and occasionally your family.

    Bubonic plagues is the most well-known flea transmitted disease. Successful flea control in Brisbane can save your pet and you from this disease. If fleas at your home infect, it can result in major Bubonic plague virus.
    There are other diseases like Tungiansis, Tularemia and Murine typhus that occur due to fleas. Your pet can bring these infected fleas at home, and it may affect the health of the entire family.
    Fleas also create allergies and asthmatic-type reactions. Its saliva can cause dermatitis in human beings.
    Anaemia in cats is also a result of flea infestation. It can be life-threatening if not treated well.

    To prevent your pets and family from these dangerous health threats, get in touch with Pestico pest control Brisbane. Our expert team of flea control in Brisbane will help you to get rid of these itchy nuisances.

    Type Of Fleas That May Be Roaming In Your House

    Fleas are of more than two hundred types. These fur-beating insects are common in most of the area of Brisbane. The small, wingless flat bees are dangerous for both you and your pet.

    Cat fleas have the general characteristic, and they live within the cat’s fur. Sucking the blood out of your pet is their way to feed the stomach. Then, there are dog fleas, which stay in the dog’s fur. Dog’s flea can often bite kids.

    No matter what type of fleas ruining your peace, you must get in touch with us. We provide the best flea control in Brisbane. All the fleas are threatening to your health and wellness.

    How Can One Prevent These Tiny Insects?

    Fleas can reproduce quickly, even within 24 hours. Once they enter your house, within a few days, they will be everywhere. It may become very difficult to control their ever-increasing number. A veterinarian can treat your pet and tell you the methods to keep the fleas off your pet. However, to get rid of them from your house, you must schedule a flea control in Brisbane. The quicker the better. one must not wait till the fleas cause an infection.

    If you found eggs or adult fleas jumping off your pet’s body, in your garden, floor or even on your dustbins, do not take it lightly. To prevent further damage, call Pestico pest control Brisbane immediately.

    Book Flea Control In Brisbane Now And Get These Perks!

    • Affordable and friendly services
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    Our team at Pestico pest control Brisbane removes the fleas effectively. Our qualified professionals are effective in what they do. They can quickly and swiftly get the fleas out of your house or workplace. Apart from flea control in Brisbane, we also disinfectant the residence to reduce even the minor possibilities of cross-infection. Our customer’s health and hygiene is our top priority.

    If you are worried about the tiny blood-sucking fleas, don’t delay. Call Pestico pest control Brisbane today and get rid of the fleas.


    Is it necessary to remove fleas out of your house?

    Yes. If you do not treat the fleas at your house, it may lead to several infections and other serious diseases. It is always recommended to have flea control in Brisbane.

    How to identify fleas at home?

    You can see the fleas even without combing the fur of your pet. Just keep an eye on the fur and you will catch them. Also, if there are many fleas jumping around your house, you can trace their eggs and waste.

    Can fleas cause major diseases?

    Fleas cannot harm human beings in major ways. Still, they can invite some dangerous diseases such as Bubonic plague, Tungiansis, Tularemia and Murine typhus. They also cause anaemia in cats. It is always better to remove them by doing the best flea control in Brisbane.

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