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    You may feel moths flying is a fun show to watch. Surely, adult moths are not big threats to your home, but their larvae version can eat up your fabric, food and so on. In this case, you need the professional moth control in Brisbane team to save your home from damage caused by moths.

    Belonging to the Lepidoptera group, these butterfly-looking moths can be harmful, if they get infected. They may leave holes in clothes and cause contamination of food. Pestico Pest Control Brisbane has an expert team for moth control in Brisbane.

    Our certified professionals know the modern techniques to remove moths and their traces from the house or workplace. We also disinfect your place and make it clean and safe for your health concerns.

    Our team will effectively remove the moths out of your residence or workplace. To book our service, you can either call us or send a message via the contact form. We will get back to you with a quote.

    How Can Moths Be Harmful?

    There are two major types of moths that are easily found in households. One is pantry moths, and another is clothes moths. Pantry months are more dangerous as they can directly affect your health. The two types of harmful moths are the Indian meal moths and brown house moths.

    These moths can be found in the kitchen pantry, at the food storage place. They damage the food, and if you eat that food, it may lead to allergies, diseases and other health threats.

    On the other hand, webbing clothes moths and case-making clothes can damage your clothes. They live in dark places like wardrobes and closets.

    Before you know they exist, they may end up doing their job of damaging your precious clothes. They also chew carpets, sweaters, comforters, coats and pillows. It may result in irritation or skin allergies.

    The moths can damage your clothes and food in no time. You must be careful if you sight them at your place. Moth’s hair can cause an asthma attack too in the caterpillar stage.

    If you find moths at any corner of your house, it’s time for you to book the professional moth control in Brisbane. These tiny insects can damage your favourite belonging within a few days. You have to be careful and look for their footprints.

    How to Identify Moths and Their Infestation

    Here are some types of moths which can be found in Brisbane. The adult moths have plain straw-coloured wings. They cause unusual holes in clothes. The usual holes are created by larvae which are dark in colour.

    The ones that damage the food have a white head and speckled wings. If you found any of them nearby your closet or kitchen; it’s time for you to call our service of moth control in Brisbane.

    Moth caterpillars or small maggots like larvae can cause infestation at your place. They may also live in the form of silken tubes, pupae and adult moths. You must detect the signs of moth’s infestation, and call the moth control Brisbane experts at Pestico Pest Control Brisbane to stop further damage.

    Why Choose Our Moth Pest Control, Brisbane?

    Our company has been eradicating a wide variety of pests from many residential and commercial places for many years. If you have been struggling to find a good company, then we can be the perfect choice for you as we offer the following benefits:

    Our experienced team can handle severe cases of infestation with ease.
    We reach every corner of the property to find out the major nesting places of the pests.
    Our modern and eco-friendly pest control approach makes our treatment safe for pets and children.
    To book the service at the last moment, you can choose our same day booking option.
    The price of our pest control service is quite reasonable.

    Moth Pest Control, Brisbane Process

    The experts at Pestico Pest Control Brisbane have several years of experience in controlling the moths. By using their expertise, they have come up with a solid pest control procedure for moths. Have a look at the steps involved in the process:

    1. Assessment and Treatment Plan

    Our experts conduct a thorough inspection of the place where the moths reside. They look for the signs of infestation and recognise the breeding and nesting places for the moths. They also identify the types and species of the moths. After inspection, they prepare a customised treatment plan that helps our team to bring out the best results.

    2. Moth Control Treatments

    We use chemical and non-chemical treatments to control and remove the moths in a house or office. Our professionals use insect growth regulators to stop the moth population from increasing.

    They kill the larvae and the eggs of the moths to prevent the moths from increasing. The pesticides used by our team are effective and safe for humans.

    After a few hours of spraying the chemicals, you may resume daily activities in the same room without worrying about skin allergies or breathing problems.

    Other than chemical methods, we use some non-chemical techniques like freezing, vacuuming, and steaming to kill the moths. Once we are done with the spraying of the chemicals, we place some moth traps at the main location for preventing further entry of the moths.

    3. Final Visit after Treatment

    A few days after the treatment, our pantry moth removal Brisbane team visit the site and checks whether the moths are controlled or not. The process is considered over if the moths are not present. If the moths are not removed, we will extend the duration of the treatment.

    Do you want to grab the benefit of our amazing moth pest control services Brisbane? Make an appointment today to hire our professionals.

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    Best Moth Prevention Tips by the Pros

    Moths can cause massive damage to food products and clothes in houses and commercial places. Moth pest control services Brisbane are essential to control them. But, preventing pest infestation is equally important. Here is a list of some tips that you can follow to prevent the moths:

    Always keep a watch on the dark corners of your kitchen and storerooms.
    Store clothes in sealed bags to prevent damage from moths. Make sure the stored clothes are all clean because smelly and dusty clothes draw more moths into houses.
    Try using mothballs in old closets and drawers.
    Make sure all corners and nooks of your home have plenty of light and fresh air. Moths grow in dark places.
    You can also try combining crushed, dried and powdered herbs in a bag and place it near your clothes.
    Using sticky traps can also prevent moths, but it may take a lot of effort.
    Also, you can wash dirty clothes with hot water, and high heat those clothes in the dryer regularly. It may prevent the reproduction of moths.

    Sometimes home-techniques are not enough for the removal of these species. You must get in touch with experts in moth control in Brisbane. Our expert team at Pestico Pest Control Brisbane will ensure a secure and modern procedure to remove moths from your house or workplace.

    So, do not panic. Call us today and let our professional team of moth control in Brisbane take care of the rest. You will find your house clean, hygienic and moth-free after the moth control.


    How much time does it take for moths to infect your house?

    Moths can infect your house in no time. Their breeding process is very quick. Once they enter your house, they do their best to ruin your clothes and other things. One must hurry up and get rid of them quickly.

    What damage is caused by moths?

    Moths can cause damage to clothes, food and also pieces of furniture or carpets. They grow fast in dark places or in the corners where light is not reachable. Eating moth-infested food can lead to serious health risks.

    Is it necessary to get rid of moths?

    Yes. One must not give it a second thought. Whenever you find a moth or its eggs on your premises, you must scrutinize the corners and storerooms. If the damage is serious, call moth control in Brisbane.

    How much do I have to pay for the moth control Brisbane service?

    The price of the service is determined by different factors such as the severity of the moth infestation, area of the property, etc. To get a quote, contact us today.

    Do you offer moth control service in commercial places?

    Yes, our company provides pest control treatments for both residential and commercial complexes.

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