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    Pestico Pest Control, Aroona provides safe, fast, and reliable services throughout the Aroona region. We have been providing excellent pest Control Aroona service for the last 25 years. Pests can cause a lot of problems in residential and commercial places, thus our experts not only solve the problems but also ensure that the pests do not reoccur.
    Pestico Pest Control, Aroona uses the latest techniques for pest management and treatment. Our team of technicians is friendly and highly experienced. Further, all our work is guaranteed, and we offer service at the most affordable price in the Aroona region.
    Also, we provide tailored services to our clients and use eco-friendly products to ensure the safety of people and four-legged family members. From detailed inspection to extermination to future prevention, everything is included in our Pest Control Aroona service.
    If you are worried about the situation of pest infestation in your house or office, you can contact us at 0485931664. Our helpful customer care team will help you with the service booking process.

    Risks Associated with Pest Infestation

    Pests such as possums, rodents, ants and bed bugs pose serious threats to property and health. This is why pest control services in Aroona hold the utmost importance for every household. From spreading allergies to transmitting diseases, pests do a lot of damage to health. Here is the list of some risks associated with pest infestation on your property:

    Damage to Health

    Pest control solutions help you in avoiding different types of infections and allergies. Do you know that birds and their droppings are known to transmit more than 60 diseases? Apart from birds, rodents also spread multiple diseases like Salmonella, LCMV, Hantavirus, etc.  Similarly, cockroaches are the reason behind stomach infections. To avoid the spread of such dangerous diseases, you should rely on regular pest control services in Aroona.

    Property Damage

    The pests such as spiders, ants, rats, birds and bed bugs spoil various things such as food products, clothes, mattresses, etc. Borers and termites cause damage to wooden structures like doors, windows and furniture. On the other hand, pantry moths, ants, rodents and cockroaches contaminate food items. Electrical appliances, the structural foundation of the house, clothes and many other things get damaged because of pests. If the pests are not controlled on time, they may cause severe damage to property.

    Risk of Stings and Bites

    Some insects such as wasps and spiders are poisonous. These pests are aggressive and attack humans in self-defence. Presence of such kinds of pests in a house or office is a serious threat to health. The allergic reaction triggered due to the sting is extremely painful. To avoid the chances of being stung by these deadly pests, it is essential to book the pest control service at the right time.

    Symptoms Of Pest Infestation In Your Premises?

    Early intervention is essential for dealing with insect infestations covertly and successfully. The sooner a pest control Aroona specialist arrives on the scene to manage a pest infestation, the better. The following are some tell-tale indications of a pest infestation.


    The primary indication of a pest infestation is pest droppings. Look around your property for any urine or faeces trails. Keep in mind that waste from tiny pests, such as bed bugs, is frequently more difficult to notice than waste from rats or mice. Consequently, a careful assessment by the best pest control Aroona experts is essential.


    Pests frequently use whatever is available to them to build nests, including shredded paper, grass, and leaves. They frequently build their nests in covert locations, such as between walls or under flooring. Therefore, it’s crucial to conduct routine comprehensive inspections to look for evidence of nesting.

    Sound and smell

    Despite being little, pests may produce a lot of noise. Termites and other little creatures can be heard. Additionally, every kind of bug frequently has a distinct fragrance or odour. Strong, ammonia-smelling urine is a sign of rat and mouse infestation for which you may need to contact best pest control Aroona professional. Even insects leave lasting odours. Cockroaches smell greasy and oily, whereas bed bugs have a musty stench.


    In addition to being unhygienic, bugs must be removed from a property due to the harm they do. If you think you have pests but do nothing about the problems, you will soon start to witness this. Mice and rats enjoy biting and chewing on things, which can cause damage to your home or business.

    Where Are Common Entry Points For Pests?

    Pests can enter your home at any time through the common access points. If you’ve had enough of pests, keep an eye out for these entry points to stop them from entering and infesting your home. Watch out for these!

    • The foundation cracks are one of the typical pest entry places you should be on the lookout for. Pests will detect your foundation, and if they see any cracks, they’ll use them as a way to enter your house.
    • Pests may enter your home through the exhaust fans there. Installing exhaust fans can help reduce humidity in your bathroom and kitchen, but it can also serve as a point of entry for bugs and other insects.
    • Your doors may have microscopic holes that could serve as an entryway for pests. If you thoroughly inspect your doors and discover any holes, it signifies that pests are using those openings to enter your home.
    • Undoubtedly, if your siding has gaps, it could be a point of passage for pests. Giving pests an opportunity to enter your home is bad since it can develop infestations.
    • You should exercise caution if your house is surrounded by trees since they can be utilised as entrances. There are some pests that will climb the trees and enter through the branches.
    • Insects will not only infiltrate your property through obvious entry points; however, they will also sneak in through gutters. Pests are more likely to invade your home if your gutters are dirty since they enjoy the dirt! You won’t just welcome one bug; you’ll invite several, and getting rid of them won’t be easy.
    • Your home’s crawl spaces serve as frequent pest entry locations. As a result, ensure that crawl spaces are periodically inspected, especially if you sense a pest infestation. However, it may be difficult for you to evaluate crawl places, so you may want to employ the best pest control, Aroona.

    In Aroona, What Are The Most Common Pests?

    All these years of knowledge and our proactive staff training are put to work taking care of you and your family when you engage with Pestico Pest Control, Aroona for pest services. We provide comprehensive pest control services and solutions. Bed bugs, rats, roaches, and other pests are all things that we are capable of handling! After we’ve taken care of your pest issue, we’ll work with you to figure out how to keep them out again. Assistance from our best pest control Aroona exterminators will help you get the solution you deserve!


    The most widespread of all rodents, house mice can be found in homes, open fields, agricultural areas, and pretty much wherever else along the road. Because they eat on and contaminate various human food sources, scavengers are good at transmitting a wide range of diseases. The easiest method to reduce the risks connected to having them in your home is to get rid of them effectively. You can accomplish this using our tested methods for rodent control.

    Bed bugs

    We are experts at treating and getting rid of bed bugs from your residence or place of business. To cure and eliminate your bed insect infestation, we only employ tried-and-true techniques while performing pest control in Aroona. We conduct a thorough inspection to confirm the results of our work after treatment so that we can be certain the area we treated is bed bug-free. Similar to mice, only a comprehensive inspection will be able to tell you whether you actually have a bed bug infestation and what steps need to be taken to cure and eradicate it.


    Cockroaches need to be located and eliminated as soon as feasible. The fact that cockroaches are elusive and difficult to catch is a problem. In addition to having a voracious appetite for nearly anything, including rotting food you may have in the garbage, they also carry a lot of diseases that can cause issues for human health. Particularly cockroaches carry germs that can lead to diarrhoea and gastroenteritis. If ignored, they can potentially lead to allergic reactions and asthma crises.

    Flea and ticks

    Depending on the season and your local environment, Aroona’s flea and tick problems can range from mild to severe. Fortunately, our skilled pest control Aroona exterminators can eliminate these little critters and bring peace to your house.


    In addition to removing the ant infestation from your house, Pestico Pest Control, Aroona also wants to keep you safe for as long as possible so that you can continue to live in your home as you like. To locate prospective access points, trouble spots, and likely causes, we employ the most recent ant control approaches. This aids us in tailoring an ant control strategy to your requirements. No matter how bad the infestation is, we’re dedicated to going above and beyond to help our clients.


    Unfortunately, there is a good likelihood that you also have other insects if you have spiders in your Aroona residence or place of business. Since spiders consume insects, this is frequently a sign of a more serious pest issue that will also need to be resolved. Professionals from Pestico Pest Control, Aroona should be engaged to interrupt the reproduction cycle by eliminating all webs and egg sacs in order to guarantee effective spider management.

    Most Preferred Pest Control Services In Aroona

    When you work with us for pest removal, you can expect:

    • An extensive initial phone talks to better understand your position, requirements, and expectations with regards to pest control Aroona.
    • A physical examination by one of our licensed exterminators.
    • A personalised treatment programme that is efficient and catered to your particular needs.
    • Follow-up appointments to monitor any future development.
    • Service visits may be made once, twice, or monthly.
    • Spraying the exterior of your home to deter pests from entering.
    • Removing all reachable wasp nests and spiderwebs from the exterior of your property.
    • And of course, a property free of pests!

    Need For Professional Pest Control in Aroona

    If you are tired of DIY methods and still could not get rid of the pests, then Pestico Pest Control, Aroona, can help you. Home remedies are effective only to a certain limit, but they do not eliminate pests. We understand removing pests from the home or office is a difficult task, but with our skilled and experienced technicians, it becomes effortless. So, if you want to get rid of the pests once and for all, then get professional help.

    Further, below are some points to understand why you need to hire a professional pest control company.

    • Experienced and know several ways to tackle pests

    The experts know the ways to find the major pest breeding and nesting locations. They have monitoring tools that help them in tracking the activities of the pests. The experts know everything about pest behaviour and types. They ensure that the property becomes-pest free with their amazing treatments.

    • Latest machinery and tools to remove pests effectively

    Our team is well-equipped with tools and equipment of the latest technology. They use these instruments to monitor and remove pests.

    • Vast knowledge of treatments of different pests

    There are thousands of species of a single pest. All the pests differ from each other in terms of behaviour and appearance. Also, the laws are different for different pests. Our experts have years of experience and they can control pests with ease.

    • Understand chemicals and use them to ensure the safety of the people

    Professionals understand the side effects of pesticides on the health of people. This is why they select the products carefully by examining the chemical composition.

    Our Pest Control Services

    Pestico Pest Control is the destination for several businesses and homeowners in Aroona for an effective pest control solution. Our technicians make sure that all the nests and colonies are destroyed. With us, you get excellent value for your investment. We offer the following range of services to our clients.

    Moth Control

    Moths are not harmful to human beings, but they can damage property. Further, they can damage silk, wool, cotton, and other garments. Whether it is a small or severe infestation, our qualified technicians will remove them safely and effectively. If not treated quickly, they can chew all your favourites and cause severe damage to the property. So, book our moth control service to avoid the potential damage that these pests can cause.

    Bed Bugs Control

    Bed bugs are excellent travellers and can infest any place, hotel, or house. These irritating pests can disturb your sleep and may cause rashes or marks in the bitten area. Call Pestico Pest Control, Aroona to get rid of bed bugs and avoid throwing off your expensive mattress. Our bed bugs control team will use the best methods to destroy the bedbugs without harming the mattress.

    Cockroach Control

    Cockroaches do not harm human beings directly but have the potential to harm humans indirectly. They live in moist, dirty places and carry tons of pathogens with them. They immediately spoil all the edible food just by contact. If you want to get rid of cockroaches, contact us, and our cockroach control team will handle the rest.

    Possum Removal

    Possums are unlike other pests, they cause anxiety in their hosts. Further, they are common in suburban areas and cause plenty of damage to property. The possums are a protected species and our licensed possum removal team can efficiently remove these animals from your home.

    Wasp Control

    Wasps do not pose risk to humans, but if threatened they can bite and cause discomfort to human beings. Further, it is necessary to remove the sting at the earliest to avoid further health complications. So, if you want to get rid of the wasp and safeguard your family, then call us today.

    Ant Control

    Ants are very annoying pests and can enter any residential, or commercial space and build their nest. They can spoil the food products and trigger an allergic reaction with their bites. Using a home remedy may work for a short time, but if you want to get rid of them for good, book the ant control today.

    Borer Control

    Borer infestation can cause havoc in several residential and commercial properties due to the extent of damage they can cause. These insects make holes in the wooden structure and cause serious damage to cabinets, furniture, etc. It is very crucial to identify borer infestation at the early stage to ensure minimal damage to the property. Call us today for a free inspection.

    Flea Control

    A flea infestation can cause discomfort to pets and can spread throughout the house. Flea bites cause itching, red skin, and rashes in pets. So, hire specialists and allow your pets to live a happy and healthy life.

    Rodent Control

    Rodents can be a health hazard and even compromise the structural integrity of your property. They can contaminate the food item and cause damage to electrical appliances. So, get rid of the rodents at the earliest to minimize the extent of the damage.

    Spider Control

    Spiders can make the house unhygienic and unclean. Further, some spiders can bite and cause health complications in human beings. Call our spider control team to carefully get rid of the spiders from living and working spaces.

    Bees Control

    Bees can be very dangerous, and if bitten they can cause serious health issues to human beings. It is also very difficult to remove bees, and this is where we come in. Call Pestico Pest Control, Aroona today to effectively remove bees from living space.

    Bird Nesting Control

    Birds cause several issues in human beings. Bird droppings can spread disease in humans, and they also attract pests like cockroaches, ticks, and rodents. Further, they even carry lots of parasites that can cause severe health issues in human beings.

    Silverfish Control

    Silverfish do not cause life-threatening health issues in human beings but can damage books, paintings, leather, etc. Further, they can run over your food and spoil it. Also, they attract predators like cockroaches, spiders, centipedes, and more. To remove silverfish from your house, call us today.

    Dead Animal Removal

    Removing a dead animal can be stomach-churning for lots of people, and if left undisturbed, the dead animals can cause disease among human beings. So, if you want to remove a dead animal from your property, then call our certified team of technicians.

    End-Of-Lease Pest Control

    It is good to do an end of lease pest control treatment. The reason is quite simple, if pests are left in the house, they can cause lots of trouble for the new tenants. Further, they can spread diseases and make an unsanitary environment to live in. Call us to schedule your end-of-lease pest treatment.

    Commercial Pest Control Service in Aroona

    Businesses such as hotels, hospitals, schools, retail stores and restaurants must focus on preventing pests in their commercial buildings. The health of the people and beauty of the premises get affected due to the pests like birds, rodents, spiders, etc. To avoid the negative impacts of pest infestation, you can rely on our commercial pest control package. We can provide you with superior quality service at an affordable price.

    Emergency Pest Control and Same-Day Pest Control

    We also provide emergency and same-day service to our clients to ensure that their living and working space is healthy and hygienic. If you suddenly discover the outburst of ants or any other pests in the house, we will be there to help you with our advanced pest control techniques.

    Affordable Pest Control Services in Aroona

    Pestico Pest Control provides value-for-money services. We offer a fantastic range of premium-quality pest control services at affordable rates. There are no hidden charges. We will tell you the factors that we take into consideration while preparing the quote. Whether you are a house owner or a business owner, feel free to contact us for the service booking.

    Our Effective Pest Control Process

    We have a simple yet very effective approach to pest infestation and prevention. Our comprehensive service ensures a healthy, pest-free environment for our clients. Further, this five-stage service includes the removal of pests and educating clients about the reasons for infestation.


    Our pest control treatment starts with a thorough inspection. This helps the technicians to understand pest infestation, pest type, degree of infestation and the factors that caused this infestation, and more.

    You can understand the extent of the damage by the infestation. Our technicians will provide detailed reports and findings, pictures of infestation, suggestions, etc., to you.

    We offer zero-cost inspection, and here is a list of places we look for pest infestation.

    • Ceilings and roofs
    • Interiors of buildings
    • Exteriors of buildings
    • Timber walls
    • Garage, garden, and carpets
    • Driveways, fencing, and backyard

    Tailored Treatment Plan

    As per the results of the inspection, Pestico Pest Control, Aroona prepares a tailored treatment plan to resolve the pest infestation in your residential and commercial area. Our expertise and knowledge guide us in designing an efficient treatment plan that can give you the best possible result.

    The treatment plan includes the process of treatment, the duration of the treatment, possible results, and revisits (if required). It also includes instructions to be followed during and after the treatment.


    As mentioned in the treatment plan, our qualified technicians will carry out the extermination in your residential and commercial areas. Further, we use eco-friendly products to avoid any damage to the property of the client and to effectively remove pests.

    If the infestation is heavy, it requires a mix of treatments of chemicals. Be it chemical or eco-friendly products, all the products used in the treatment are approved by the government and are safe for humans and pets.

    In this step, our main focus is to put a check on the life cycle of the pests. We kill the larvae or destroy the eggs of the pests in order to stop the cycle. To accomplish this task, our team uses insect growth regulators and pesticides. Sometimes, we also use heating and freezing treatments to exterminate the pests like termites and bed bugs.

    Final Examination

    Once the treatment is over, we leave the site as it is. We wait for a few days and check the place again to determine the exact outcome of the procedure. If the pests are gone, we take the approval from the client.

    Easy Yet Effective Ways to Prevent Pest Infestation

    When pests enter a house or workplace, they become problematic. Some pests affect health while some destroy personal belongings. There are some common factors like moisture, food sources, water sources, uncleanliness and darkness that attract pests to a place.

    By eliminating these factors, you can prevent pests. Wondering how to prevent such dangerous pests? Well, it’s simple. You can incorporate the following changes in your lifestyle and prevent pests easily.

    • Block Entry Points

    To restrict the entry of pests, you must seal all the possible ways from which the pests can enter. Holes, cracks, and gaps in windows, doors, cabinets, beds and walls must be sealed properly.

    • Store Food Properly

    The aroma of food attracts different kinds of pests. You can store the edibles in airtight containers to prevent the pests. If there are any expired or spoiled food packets, throw them immediately. Make sure that your kitchen is organised and cleaned all the time.

    • Reduce Moisture

    If there are any sources of moisture in your house, eliminate them immediately. You can fix the leakages in the water pipelines and install a dehumidifier to reduce moisture.

    • Empty the Garbage Bin Regularly

    Trash bins have lots of food for the pests. If you keep the garbage bin open and filled all the time, the chances of pest infestation will increase. Make sure that you dispose of the trash and clean the bin frequently.

    Reasons to Choose Pestico Pest Control Aroona

    Pest Control is needed to maintain a healthy and hygienic environment. Further, pests not just damage property but can cause severe illnesses in humans and pets. Such as rat urine has allergens, that can aggravate allergies, cockroaches can cause food poisoning, etc.

    So, if you want to protect yourself and your property, it is advised to do pest control twice a year. Pestico Pest Control, Aroona gets rid of pests in the most natural way and uses non-toxic products for the safety of pets and humans. Below are a few more points on why you should consider Pestico Pest Control, Aroona.

    • Family, pet, and baby-safe service
    • Highest-quality service
    • Timely and quick service
    • No odour and No stain service
    • Licensed technicians
    • Latest methods and tools
    • 100% customer satisfaction
    • Reliable and affordable service

    Book Now! Make Your Residential and Commercial Place Pest Free

    Call us today and let us know the pest issues in your living and working place. You can get an on-call quotation for the service. Further, we even provide an obligation-free inspection to all our clients. Pestico Pest Control, Aroona will ensure that your property is pest-free and will provide a healthy environment for your loved ones.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How long does it take for the pest control treatment to work?

    Ans:  It might take a few days for the treatment to work effectively. The chemicals dusted and sprayed in the corners might take some time to kill all the pests. Next, the traps and poisonous baits also show results after a few days.

    2. What are the common pest control methods?

    Ans:  Chemical control, biological control, physical control and cultural control are the common pest control methods that professionals use to eradicate pests.

    3. Do you provide pest control services on weekends?

    Ans: Yes. Our company works on weekends. In fact, our team can also provide pest control treatment on public holidays.

    4. What kinds of diseases are caused by pests?

    Ans: Dysentery, Salmonella, Typhoid, and Hantavirus are some common diseases that pests spread in both commercial and residential areas.

    5. Why do pests enter a house?

    Ans: Generally, all the pests enter the house in search of food, water and shelter. If you don’t seal the entry points, the pests will increase population within a few days by laying many eggs at once.

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