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    Possums reside in the forests. Such rodents look cute and innocent, however, they’re not. Possums, once they are brought, create a lot of havoc in your own home. We are the best Possum Catcher in Brisbane! Pestico Pest Control Brisbane specialists periodically investigate your vicinity to become aware of the supply of possum enter. We use a high-quality manner to control or kill them so you will no longer cope with any prison court cases.

    Certain species are federally protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974. We are possum elimination professionals. Our possum removal Brisbane service charge is marketed with no hidden cost. We offer secure, dependable and same-day possum removal services in Brisbane We are experts in removing all kinds of possums in Brisbane.

    Call Pestico Pest Control Brisbane specialists experts as soon as you get the hint that possums are in your commercial enterprise and home region. We are so pleased to serve you. You will get excellent and reliable support from our possum controllers. If you want our service, contact us today at 0485931664.

    Importance of Possum Removal Brisbane Service

    Do you often hear the sounds of jumping possums on your roof? Don’t let these pests disturb your sleep. Call Pestico Pest Control Brisbane and hire our professionals for their removal.

    It is not possible to catch the possums and destroy them with baits. The law does not allow people to control possums without a license. Here, our company can help you. Our experts have the best tools that can catch the possums safely. We can also relocate the possums to a safe place.

    Our professionals will do the work within a few hours and would also suggest many ways to keep the possums away from your property. The experts remove the dead bodies of the possums and sanitise the place as well. Isn’t it amazing? To know more about possum control Brisbane, speak with our customer care executive.

    Some Interesting Facts about Possums

    There are many facts associated with possums. You would be surprised to know the following things about these tiny pests:

    • Around 23 species of possums are found in Australia.
    • Cuscus is the largest possum species.
    • The possums can survive for up to 11 years.
    • The possums like to feed on eucalyptus
    • The group of possums is termed as passel.

    How to Identify Possum Infestation?

    Can’t recognise the presence of possums in your house? Look at the following signs. These signs would help you in identifying the possums at an early stage. If you find these signals near you, contact us immediately.

    • If in your backyard you notice any harm, then is a sign that possums stay at your residence. They eat fruits and flora from the backyard.
    • There are possums available when you see droppings in a secure area. The dropping of possum is just like stinking garbage.
    • Possums make a screeching sound as a way to communicate with others.
    • An awful smell is caused by the presence of a possum.
    • Possums generate marks with their paws or tail.
    • Possum’s eyes shine. If you need to verify their presence, then search for them at the night.

    Why Choose Us?

    Pestico Pest Control Brisbane keeps its customers a priority. We provide customised pest control solutions to ensure that our customers don’t face problems because of pests. Have a look at the following benefits offered by our company:

    • We give a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
    • Our team uses modern and safe techniques to eradicate pests from a house or office.
    • The services offered by our company are pocket-friendly.
    • Our team is experienced and certified.
    • For your convenience, we provide same day or emergency booking facility.

    How do We Remove Possums?

    At Pestico Pest Control Brisbane, we maintain a high quality of the possum pest control Brisbane by following a perfect procedure. Here is what our professionals do to remove the possums from your home:

    1. Inspection of the Property

    This step is the initial and the most crucial step of our process. When you finalise the service booking our possum catcher Brisbane checks the condition of infestation in the building. Every corner is checked to figure out the shelters and access points for the possums. Once the inspection is completed, the work distribution and equipment selection and other things are done.

    2. Removal of Possums

    At our company, we take pride in providing comprehensive possum removal and prevention services. Our expert team conducts thorough inspections of your property, meticulously checking all areas, including trees, roofs, voids, garages, and storerooms, to identify both living and deceased possums. Utilizing specialized tools, effectively removing any possums found on your premises.

    Moreover, we understand the significance of preventing future infestations. Thus, we take the time to educate our clients about the entry and exit points possums may use and offer valuable precautions to be taken to minimize the risk of future encounters. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

    Dead Possum Removal Brisbane

    Possums are one of the animals that you are not approved to kill, even if they cause damage to your house. However, they also die because of their personal behaviours, inclusive of eating rabbit baits, chasing a canine or cat, jumping, stuck inside the roof or different a part of the residence, here and there. You could also notice the carcass of possums at the back of the wall.

    You will have a terrible odour for around 2 months if possums die in or near your house. There can also be an aggregation of flies over the carcass.

    You could call us if you get any of the signals. 24*7 hours a day, our experts work and serve you the best. We can cast off lifeless possums with full protection.

    We use the finest approach to extract possums from your venue. After finishing the elimination provider, our possum pest control Brisbane professionals sanitise the spot, so that no odour can linger there.

    Same Day Possum Control Brisbane Services

    A possum removal facility in Brisbane is administered by Pestico Pest Control Brisbane on the same day of the booking by our experts. We use the most innovative and creative approach to remove possums from your residential and commercial areas.

    We use environmentally pleasant solutions for the disposal of possums. We offer a hundred per cent purchaser pleasure to our clients.

    We apprehend what the industry needs, and we provide quality service. If you need help from our possum catcher Brisbane within 24 hours, call us!

    How to Prevent Possums?

    If you are sure about possum infestation in your home, you must take some measures to control and remove them. Though these tips can’t replace the effectiveness of professional possum control Brisbane, they can surely help in sustaining the result of treatment.

    • Locate the access points. Block all available access points so that they may not enter again.
    • Possums mark their residing territories with the specific sort of scent that their glands clearly produce. However, if you discover one of these situations, clean and sanitise the area so that there is no odour left.
    • Use lights to eradicate the dark areas, as possums are nocturnal; they do not like light.
    • Cut, if there are any, the elongated tree branches above the roof of your own home.

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    Pestico Pest Control Brisbane is a leading company that offers the best possum removal Brisbane service. Our services are quite affordable and provide you relief from the everyday nuisance created by the possums. If you are facing trouble because of possums, feel free to request an online quote

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What kind of damage do the possums cause?

    The possums can leave bad urine stains on your roof. They can make their nests in your house and even chew the wire. Possums can also impact health by bringing some ticks and lice.

    2. Are DIY effective for possum removal?

    No, it might not be possible to remove the possums with DIY methods. Possums can be tackled and removed only by licensed professionals. They are protected species and you can’t take any steps to kill them illegally.

    3. Can you remove dead possums from my house?

    Yes, the team at Pestico Pest Control Brisbane removes the dead bodies of animals from both residential and commercial places.

    4. What is the possum removal cost Brisbane?

    The cost of the possum removal service depends on different things such as the size of the property, damage, the intensity of the infestation. You can share your requirements with us and we will get back to you with an affordable quote.

    5. Do you have an experience in pest control?

    Yes, our company has been eradicating a variety of pests across Brisbane for more than 25 years.

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