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    Pests are nasty creatures. Encroachment of pests into our homes and residential buildings is the worst nightmare that comes true. It does not only risk the health and safety of those residing on the premises but also lowers the value and deters newcomers from shifting into the building. It makes your property extremely unsafe and unhygienic to live in.

    You can now be in control of the pests that have infested your place with the aid of Residential Pest Control Brisbane experts who will arrive at your doorstep. We provide you with a complete package to serve you at your residence in Sydney, ranging from assessing the need and the extent of infestation on your premises to treating them effectively. We further monitor and keeps surveillance watching out for you at regular intervals and preventing further infestation.

    If you want Pestico Pest Control Brisbane services, contact us right away to get a free quote.

    Importance Of Pest Control Services

    Pests on your premises tend to tarnish your reputation. They leave a long-lasting stain and atmosphere of distrust. Adding to this, they have the ability to cause worth millions of dollars of harm to your property and make surroundings unfit for living. Have a look at the solid reasons to choose the pest control services for your home:

    • The health of residents in your building is at stake.
    • The safety of your premises is also questionable Bees,wasps and spiders can be dangerous for the family members and guests.
    • The value of your property decreases. Nobody would like to stay in your home for rent. The house would look unhygienic and scary.
    • Your reputation is at stake if the guests notice bed bugs, spiders or ants in the house.
    • The municipal authorities might raise a voice. Pests in your house can create problems for your neighbours. Serious diseases can spread from your home. So, be careful of the ill impacts of pest infestation.

    Why Choose Us?

    Are pests creating havoc in the house? Don’t worry! The services provided by Pestico Pest Control Brisbane will help you in keeping the premises safe from the contamination caused by the pests. To know the benefits offered by us, do check out these points:

    • We devote time to understanding your needs

    Pests need to be given immediate attention. We recognise that you may be wary of allowing a pest expert to enter your personal space and allow access to your entire home. Our pest experts and technicians are trained to be considerate and treat your homes with the same respect as we would treat ours.

    • Equipped with years of expertise

    Our experts are highly experienced and competent in the nitty gritty of the needs of residential societies. We ensure that your homes remain free of pests and utmost hygiene is maintained.

    • Catering to individual needs

    We recognise that each residence and housing society is built in a larger environment and has to be tended to in a unique manner. We provide you with a comprehensive solution that takes care of your specific needs at hand.

    • Highly trained technician

    Our servicemen go through rigorous training before becoming a part of our team at Brisbane Residential Pest Control Services. We employ the latest equipment to ensure that our technicians can provide you with a pest-free house with ease. You can always apply and use our knowledgeable technicians to understand the laws that surround pest control and the know-how of the industry.

    • Responsive

    We want to build a two-way relationship and we want to hear what your problems are and act accordingly. This is a long-term collaboration with our customers.

    • Monitoring Pest Situation

    We also provide your home with monitoring systems that keep an eye out for any pest activity and alert us of recurring pests. We rely on science and are stocked to provide you with the best pest protection service in all of Brisbane.

    Common Pests that You Found in Homes

    You must know about some common pests that prefer to hide in different corners of your home. They usually come to hunt for food and later become the reason for many kinds of diseases. If you ever find the following pests at home, hire the residential pest control experts in Brisbane to get them eliminated:

    1. Ants

    These tiny creatures love to consume sugary food. These pests are commonly found in Australian homes. Worldwide, there are around 22,000 species of ants and you must hire experts to keep them away. The ants not only spoil the food products but also trigger allergic reactions by biting humans. Some dangerous ant species are bulldog ants, fire ants and bullet ants. If you ever find ants in your garden or kitchen, immediately seek help from ant control specialists.

    1. Termites

    Termites consume the wooden and timber structures in the houses. They usually get attracted to moist wood and can ruin the furniture within a few days. These cellulose-eating termites have about 2,750 species and are distributed worldwide. To protect your furniture from these pests, you can book our termite control service.

    1. Rodents

    Rats and mice running all over the house can bring many allergies and infections in the house. The rodents can contaminate the food and also cause damage to various objects such as electrical appliances, plastic boxes, clothes, etc.

    1. Bees

    The bees making their nest in your garden can be an alarming situation. Bees are winged insects that have over 16,000 known species. The bees are dangerous and aggressive. It is not safe for kids or old-aged people to walk near the bee nests. If you are facing problems because of the bees, feel free to contact Pestico Pest Control Brisbane.

    1. Spiders

    You can easily find the spiders hanging on their webs when the house owner fails to maintain cleanliness. Spiders are considered dangerous as some species of spiders are venomous. Our residential pest control Brisbane team can use the best possible tools and products to destroy and remove the spiders from the homes.

    Apart from the names mentioned in the list, there are many other pests like silverfishes, wasps, bedbugs and cockroaches that you can discover in residential areas. To avoid the threats posed by these pests, you can rely on our residential pest control Brisbane service.

    How We Do It?

    Acquiring the right knowledge about pests and the havoc that they create is crucial. Tell us what problems you are facing with pests and our experts will accompany you in every step of the way. We would be more than happy to provide you a free consultation on the very same day for your residential premises.


    We begin with sitting with you to understand the nature and extent of the pests that have taken over your house. Our solutions will be tailor made according to what you are facing and the type of treatment you would require. We are committed to provide you with safe and healthy surroundings.


    Residential Pest Control Brisbane Services will examine every corner as well as potential areas where pests attack in a lot of housing societies. The visit will be scheduled according to your convenience and be mindful of the busy schedule that you have. We examine the severity of the situation in close quarters through the scheduled inspection. We also provide solutions to counter any future issues that you might face with pests in your residence.


    Right from determining the pesticides to the equipment that will be best suited for your specific problem, every step will be tailor-made to satisfy your needs and exterminate pests from your house. Brisbane Residential Pest Control Services is committed to providing you with the perfect solution that does not cause harm to the environment and is pocket friendly.


    Once both you and our team of experts have agreed on the best suitable path to effectively exterminate pests, our team will come into your premises and get to work. We want to take all the safety measures and very young children or people with breathing problems should be evacuated from the building as a safety measure. We do a thorough job in the shortest time possible.

    Our professionals use different types of insecticides to kill different types of pests. Not only chemicals but other methods like heat treatment and cold treatment are also used to kill some pests like termites and bed bugs. Because we want to avoid killing the pests, we try to catch them in the traps and relocate them to a suitable place. Kitchen, bathroom, storeroom, garden, basement, yard, poolside and all other corners of the house are checked and treated with the right kind of product.

    Post-Treatment Visit

    The chemicals may take time to destroy all the pests in a house. This is why our team checks all the treated places again after a few days. Our professionals want to make the residential property free from unwanted pests.


    We want to secure your premises and make sure it remains sparkling clean and guarded against all kinds of pests. We don’t want to compromise your reputation and guarantee that our job does not stop at simply solving your current pest situation. We are committed to preventing future pest infestations and do routine follow-ups for the same. Here is a list of some useful tips that you must follow to keep the pests away from your lovely home:

    • Keep the kitchen area clean and dry. Remove the food particles as soon as they fall on the kitchen counter. Don’t leave the utensils unwashed at night because cockroaches get attracted to the food aroma.
    • The trash bins should be emptied daily. You should keep the trash bin covered as well to prevent the pests like ants, rodents, birds, etc.
    • You can use some barrier methods such as spikes and wires to restrict the entry of the pests.
    • Trim the gardens trimmed to keep the possums at the bay.
    • Don’t keep the heaps of newspapers and clothes in the storerooms if you don’t need them.

    Hire Us Today!

    At Pestico Pest Control Brisbane, there is no project that we cannot handle effectively. We treat all our clients equally. If you have a pest problem, we have your back to provide you with the finest pest service in your vicinity. Our years of experience in this industry have allowed us to become one of the most favoured pest services in Brisbane. We understand the local climate and terrain and ensure that you receive the efficient service that you require. Your home acts as a sanctuary for you and we need to be fast and effective. With our highly skilled workers, you will return to a pest-free and pristine environment. If you need residential pest control Brisbane service, feel free to call us!


    1. Do I need to hire an expert for pest control?

    Yes, you should hire experts to get rid of the pesky pests from your residence. The pests such as cockroaches, rodents, and ants can bite you or transmit several diseases. It can be risky to handle these pests without taking proper training. Also, it is necessary to break the life cycle of these pests to eradicate them completely. This task is not possible with DIY methods.

    1. Why do pests enter my house?

    The pests usually invade the houses to search for food and water. Also, they find warmth, undisturbed areas, and moisture in the houses. They find it easy to lay eggs and stay in residential places.

    1. Do you have an experienced team?

    Yes, the team associated with Pestico Pest Control Brisbane is experienced, trained, and helpful. They can handle mild to severe pest infestation easily.

    1. Which pests are commonly found in the kitchen?

    Pantry moths, spiders, ants, and rodents are commonly found in kitchens.

    1. Do you kill all types of pests?

    We usually believe in using humane methods to remove or relocate pests. Also, we can’t kill the protected species. Apart from these exceptions, we can exterminate the pests such as silverfishes, bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents, spiders, birds, fleas, etc.

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