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    Having rodents in the house is very dangerous and would cause life-threatening diseases. No one like the existence of rodent at their place, they are not the only nuisance but can damage the property too. Their front teeth are longer than average and are apt for chewing. The presence of rats and mice can be far more harmful if there are sick people, kids, and senior citizens in the house. Further, it can aggravate allergies as rat urine has allergens.

    Rodents are one of the biggest and the most common pest in Australia, and Pestico Pest Control Brisbane is committed to removing rodents from the house of its clients. Further, we use the best chemicals to get rid of rodents, as few chemicals can seriously harm humans. Pestico Pest Control Brisbane has been in the industry for the last 25 years and has been providing reliable service since then.

    Pestico Pest Control Brisbane also do preventative treatment to control and remove the rodent. So, call us, and get rid of rodents effectively from your abode.

    How To Prevent Rodent Infestation?

    Rodents are large warm-blooded mammals and can reproduce very quickly. So, if there are few rodents, it will not take much time for them to expand their colony. Below are few points you should consider to avoid rodent infestation.

    Rodents are repelled by the smell of peppermint oil. By using this oil in homemade cleaners, you can keep rats at bay.
    Maintaining proper cleanliness and hygiene in and around the house is one of the effective ways for Rodent Control Brisbane.
    Usage of adhesive tapes to get rid of the rodents and incinerating tapes and bags used to dispose of them.
    Warm temperatures can effectively kill the rodents.
    Usage of dry ice, Pheromone traps, glue boards is one of the effective Rodent Control Brisbane methods.
    Call Pestico Pest Control Brisbane if the rodent infestation is out-of-control. We are certified cleaners and use various methods to control and prevent future occurrences of pests in homes.

    Call us today to get rid of the rodents from your property.

    Reliable Rodent Control Brisbane

    Pestico Pest Control Brisbane is a team of experienced professionals that can manage rodent infestation effectively. Below are few reasons why you should consider Pestico Pest Control Brisbane

    • Fast Rodent Control Brisbane
    • Affordable and unprecedented results
    • 100% customer satisfaction
    • Endoscope cameras for inspection
    • Customize treatment plans
    • Eco-friendly chemicals

    Consequences Of Rodent Infestation

    Rodents can cause damage beyond expectation if left untreated. Thus, all rodent issues should be managed promptly to maintain a healthy living condition and risk-free property. Below are the few possible consequences of rodent infestation.

    Damage to the property:

    Rodents can chew and nibble on the property and can easily chew aluminium and lead sheeting. They can even chew the internal wiring, and weaken the structural integrity.

    Health Hazards:

    Rodents carry tons of germs with them that can cause serious health issues in human beings. You can get an infection by bite, improper handling of dead rodents, or by consuming food material contaminated by urine, faeces, saliva, or hair.

    Food contamination:

    Rodents thrive near wastes, thus they tend to carry tons of pathogens with them. Just by coming in contact with food or drink, they can spoil them. By consuming contaminated food, a person can get life-threatening diseases.

    Damage to Appliances:

    Rodents with the help of their long incisors can chew wire and the appliances. It is necessary to take effective steps for controlling rodents to prevent shock circuit in appliances and home.

    Signs Of Rodent Infestation

    Urine and droppings

    One of the most obvious signs of rodent infestation is when you see droppings and streaks of rodent urine. Rodent urine has a strong pungent smell, and more the rodents, the worse the smell.

    Rodent nest

    Rodents live in burrows in or around the house for easy access to the abodes. Further, if you see one, immediately call a Pestico Pest Control Brisbane.

    Dead or alive Rodent Sightings

    If you see rodents roaming around the house, it an obvious sign of rodent infestation.

    Partially consumed food

    Rodents consume whatever food item they see. If you notice partially consumed food in your kitchen or abode, then it must be rodents feeding of them.


    Rodents can move anywhere in the house, and they make sounds while they move. You may hear rodents squeaking or making noises, which can be heard at night or even during day time.

    Rub marks

    Rodents oil fur may leave dark, greasy traces on various surfaces where they live.

    Rodent Removal And Control Measures

    As rodents like to hide in the garden, thus it is advised to trim the vegetation close to the abode
    Fix leaks and ground depressions, as these will provide them as a source of water to drink.
    Usage of traps is a proven rodent control method.
    Remove material that can attract rodents.
    Ensure the kitchen is clean and sealed up

    If you are tired of the home run by rodents? Want to get rid of them for good? Call Pestico Pest Control Brisbane. We offer services throughout the Brisbane region and provide preventive measures to avoid the reoccurrence of rodents in the abode.


    Are rodent repellents effective in removing pests?

    Rodent repellent companies claim that they work, but they are not very effective. So, if you are looking for an effective method for getting rid of pests, call Pestico Pest Control Brisbane.

    Is there any affordable rodent removal company?

    Yes! Pestico Pest Control Brisbane offers services at the most competitive price in the Brisbane region. You may contact us and know more about Rodent Control Brisbane.

    What is the home remedy to get rid of rodents?

    It is seen that rodents are repellent by peppermint oil fragrance. You may spray peppermint oil in the infested area to get rid of rodents. If the infestation is severe, call Pestico Pest Control Brisbane now.

    Do rodents bite aluminium?

    Yes! Rodents have very sharp incisors and bite through aluminium or lead. If you find any signs of rodent infestation, call a professional to decrease the damage caused by rodents.

    Are rodent bites harmful to humans?

    Yes! Rodent bites are harmful to human beings. If scratched or bitten by a rodent, please visit a doctor to diagnose it. Rodent bites can cause serious health issues in human beings.

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