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    Have you ever noticed fish-like tiny creatures crawling in your bed box? These pests can be silverfish. These pests feed on fabric and have silver bodies. It is crucial to get rid of these insects as soon as possible because they can damage the clothes and trigger allergies. The silverfish control Brisbane service offered by Pestico Pest Control Brisbane can be helpful in eliminating these pests.

    Our technicians are available at your beck and call to assist you through the process of silverfish control, prevention and removal. We intend to make the process the least cumbersome for you. We want to ensure that after our work is completed these uninvited pests do not come back onto your premises; we take adequate measures to see to this. To book our pest control service, you can call us at +0485931664.

    Why Silverfishes are Harmful?

    Looking at a silverfish on your premises can give anyone a scare. The pests are disgusting and swift. They fly for their safety when they think they are in danger.  There are high chances of hurting yourself when you make an effort to catch them. They are swift and can easily creep into the gaps between the floor and holes in the wall. A silverfish infestation can have severe impacts:

    • Silverfish largely remain active during the night and are dormant during the day. It is extremely difficult to catch and kill them owing to their fast speed and their ability to find crevices for hiding. They identify and build their nests close to the food supply. They feed on books and papers. They do not spare any fibre, silky threads or the glue that binds books as well.
    • They can also stay in your pile of clothes. Further, silverfish tend to cause human allergies and are a major cause of asthma.
    • Moreover, silverfish can climb walls with ease, and dwell within wallpapers for a fairly long amount of time. They also attract other pests such as cockroaches and spiders because they are easy food for them. As a result, this increases the spread of an array of diseases that are harmful to humans.

    Do you want to avoid these serious negative effects of a silverfish infestation? Feel free to contact Pestico Pest Control Brisbane. Our team will help you with the best possible treatments.

    Signs of Silverfish Infestation

    Silverfish are most likely to be found in moist damp areas and tend to get caught in bathtubs. They also have an affinity for glue and can also be found between your furniture or surrounding glue.

    A silverfish infestation may often go unnoticed owing to the fact that they are nocturnal in nature and tend to blend with ease in their surroundings. However, they do tend to leave behind some traces such as excretion and the shedding of their skin. Their remains resemble pepper.

    They tend to leave holes in the wall and discolouration on clothes and books. These are signs to look out for to determine a silverfish infestation. Once you are confirmed about the presence of silverfish in your house, contact us immediately.

    Why Hire Us?

    Silverfish can create unhygienic conditions in your home. Right from food to clothes, everything can get contaminated because of silverfishes. The pest control treatments provided by our reputed company can help you in many ways. Here is a list of the reasons why you should choose our company:

    Our company gives the best quality services at reasonable prices.
    We have a team of licensed and experienced people.
    Our company provides the benefit of emergency or same-day booking.
    You can get a quote for free.
    Our pest control solutions are eco-friendly and safe for children and pets.
    We are available 24x7.

    How do Pest Control Experts Remove Silverfish?

    The professionals at Pestico Pest Control Brisbane use several techniques and products to kill and control the silverfish infestation. Our company adheres to a particular procedure that helps in eradicating the silverfish within a few days:
    1. Thorough Inspection
    Before beginning the treatment, our professionals check every nook and corner of the house or office. They identify various things such as silverfish species, breeding places and severity of infestation.

    2. Preparation of a Customised Plan
    The silverfish control Brisbane experts make a plan that can guide the team in the further process. Suitable treatment type, estimated time duration, distribution of work, selection of pesticides and many other things are incorporated in a plan.

    3. Professional Pest Control Method

    The experts spray pesticides to kill the silverfishes wiggling in different parts of the house. The pests can be present in the bed boxes and cupboards. This is why our team uses safe and odour-free pesticides to prevent the chances of skin allergies and breathing issues.

    To ensure that the treatment kills all the silverfishes, our professionals keep baits. Some chemicals such as phenothrin, cyfluthrin and tetramethrin are contained in the baits used by our team.

    4. Final Check and Prevention
    The chemical sprays and baits take a few days to show the final results. When the life cycles get disrupted, the property becomes pest-free. This is the reason why our professionals pay a visit to the client’s place after a few days. They check the results and suggest some excellent ways to prevent the recurrence of the silverfish.

    Silverfish Removal Service for Businesses

    In commercial places like hotels, hospitals, schools and old age homes, it is essential for the owners to maintain standard hygiene levels. The health and the personal belongings of people can be at risk when the silverfishes are not treated at the right time. If you are looking for a company that offers affordable pest control packages for commercial clients, then Pestico Pest Control Brisbane is an ideal choice for you.

    Tips to Prevent Silverfishes

    Silverfishes are not only an annoyance in your home but have extremely destructive feeding habits. They have the ability to cause extensive complications by damaging valuable books, photographs, paintings, plaster and any other items that are inside your home and contain starch or cellulose. But, you can prevent their entry into your home by taking care of the following things:

    Don’t leave litter unattended for a large amount of time, particularly in moist areas.
    Cleanliness is the key. Dust the bookshelves; organize your cupboards and closets regularly.
    Clear cracks, gaps and holes in rooms, garages or any other places where there might be silverfish infestation.
    Store food in airtight sealed containers and cupboards.
    The application of diatomaceous earth and borate-based goods play an active role in the elimination of silverfish.
    Dry up things in the sun- Natural sunlight should keep silverfish at bay.

    Hire Us!

    With Pestico Pest Control, Brisbane at your service, you can sleep worry-free and rid yourself of sleepless nights. We recognize the need for safe and clean homes. Our team of professional experts are equipped with the latest technology available. We are constantly committed to innovating to make our services more efficient and do our work in a shorter span of time. So, book our silverfish control Brisbane service today!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which environmental conditions are preferred by silverfish?

    Silverfishes survive in humid and warm conditions. These pests can survive the temperature of 71-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

    What do silverfish consume?

    The silverfish mainly feed on proteins, starches, and sugars. This is why they eat packaged foods, papers, fabrics, etc.

    Where can I find silverfish?

    The silverfish can be found in damp and warm places such as bathrooms, kitchens, garages, bedrooms, etc.

    What is the price of the silverfish control service?

    You can get a price quote by contacting us. We will understand your requirement and try to offer you the lowest possible price.

    How is the appearance of silverfish eggs?

    The silverfish eggs are almost 0.8 mm in length. The eggs look soft and white in the initial stage and turn yellowish after a few hours.

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