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    Pestico Pest Control Brisbane is a leading pest control company in Brisbane. We offer the most suitable spider removal service and use eco-friendly products to remove spiders most effectively from your home.

    Spiders are one of the most common pests that make their homes in residential as well as commercial places. They construct webs to travel easily from one place to another and to catch prey. Whereas, wolf spiders roam throughout the home and do not build webs. Most of the spiders are harmless as they prey on flies and other insects.

    Our specialist visits your abode and will carry out a thorough inspection. Further, our extermination solutions are safe for everyone and most effective in the market.

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    Spiders generally do not bite humans unless they are trapped or caught accidentally. The fangs of the spider are usually too weak or small to puncture the skin of the human. Among the hundreds of spider species, the Brown Recluse, Black Widow, and others are poisonous, they prefer staying in undisturbed areas. Further, they do not bite unless they are threatened.

    Pestico Pest Control Brisbane helps you get rid of this pest from your living and working space. Call now, and our team of specialists will be at your doorsteps in a couple of hours. Below are few more points, why you should consider us for Spider Control Brisbane.

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    So, if you want to completely eradicate spiders from your residential and commercial space, call Pestico Pest Control Brisbane. We will provide you safe, reliable, and unprecedented results.

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    Different Kinds Of Spiders

    With around 40,000 species, spiders come in diverse shapes, sizes, and colours. Further, only 2% of spiders are venomous and can affect humans being. They use their venom to hunt insects, flies, etc. Further, they live for 2-years and built webs that are elastic and waterproof. Plus, below is the list of different types of spiders.

    Redback Spider

    Male spiders have yellow and white markings, whereas female redback spiders have a red racing stripe on its back. They are usually found under the rock, logs, flower pots, shelves, etc. They are carnivores and can eat anything from small insects to small mice, snakes, or frogs. These spiders are venomous in nature, and a bite from a Redback Spider can be fatal to human beings. Get rid of these deadly spiders from your living space, call Pestico Pest Control Brisbane today.

    White Tail Spider

    These spiders have a whitish tip at the end of their abdomens and got their name due to this unique feature. These spiders are comparatively large can have a body size of 18mm with a 28mm leg-span. Their legs are muted brown and attached to the long oval-shaped body. They are poisonous, and their venom may eat away human skin. So, contact us, and we will remove spiders from your residential and commercial space.

    Black House Spider

    These spiders are dark in texture and have black legs, dark brown abdomen, and back. Black House Spiders are poisonous, but there have been zero fatalities. These spiders most reside in window corners, rock walls, tree trunks, and they weave an untidy web with a funnel-type entrance to capture its prey.

    Brown House Spider

    Brown House Spider or Cupboard Spiders are one of the most common spiders found in buildings, sheds, or walls. These spiders have a yellow-spotted body and are small in size. They built sheet type web to capture preys, and they can also be found in basements, gallery ceiling, and outdoor walls.

    Signs Of Spider Infestation

    Most of the spiders can be found building webs in homes, basements, garages, storerooms, cellars, cupboards, window corners, etc. Further, few spiders weave their webs in the garden, on trees, walls, etc. So, below are few signs you should look for to understand if there is spider infestation at your house or the property.

    Sighting of Spider Webs

    The most obvious sign of spider infestation are their webs. If there is spider infestation at your house then you will find webs in the untouched walls, ceilings, windows.

    Spider Movements

    You can routinely check basements, cellars, storerooms, and other places for movements of the spiders. Some spiders live in dark and moist areas without building a web.

    Insects and Bugs

    You can check the places for bugs and insects, as spiders survive by eating insects and bugs. There is a high chance that spiders would inhabitant places where there are insects and bugs.

    Tips To Prevent Spider Infestation

    Severe spider infestation at your residential and commercial place can cause health issues in human beings. So, it is advised to take the below-mentioned steps to effectively remove spiders and ensure no spider infestation in-home or office.

    If you keep your living and working space clean and tidy, you will not face problems of spider infestation. Further, if there is spider infestation, remove vegetation from the perimeter of your home. Plus, if there is a severe infestation, call a professional to take care of the infestation.
    Most spiders like to live in places that are left undisturbed and are quiet such as, garages, closets, basements, etc. You can reduce the mess in these areas and make them less habitable to the spiders.
    You can reduce the migration of spiders from outdoor to indoor by moving debris, firewood away from the abode. Further, you can trim the tree limbs, shrubs, etc., around the side of the residential and commercial place.
    You can get yellow vapor or sodium light for the outside entrance. These lights help in Spider Control Brisbane.

    If all the above methods fail and there is a severe spider infestation, call Pestico Pest Control Brisbane today.


    Home remedy to get rid of spiders?

    You can spray vinegar mixture in the infested area to get rid of spiders. You can prepare this mixture by mixing an equal amount of water and vinegar.

    What are the most common types of spiders?

    The most common spiders found in Australia are white-tail spiders, black house spiders, brown house spiders, common house spiders, and daddy long leg spiders.

    Are spiders harmful to human beings?

    Spiders generally do not bite human beings unless threatened. But spider webs can cause health issues in a few. Thus, it advised keeping the living place clean and tidy to avoid spider infestation.

    Is it required to call professional every 3-5 years for spider treatment?

    No! You need to get professional treatment every year to ensure that spider infestation does to happen in your residential and commercial space.

    Is it costly to call professionals to remove spiders?

    No! Pestico Pest Control Brisbane offers the most affordable pricing to remove spiders. Call us now and get an on-call quotation for the service.

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