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    In your own home, if you find a wasp den and want to dispose of it, do not panic, we are around.  Wasp Control Brisbane offers wasp removal on the same day of booking. Our specialists provide speedy and effective services.  The presence of wasps produces a damaging climate. Wasps will injure you and others with painful stings. And, in a few circumstances, even demise may be brought about if the sting triggers an anaphylactic reaction.

    At some point in time in your agency and residential area, the outbreak of wasps can bother the consumers with continuous tension. You must call for professional help in case you see wasps in your home.

    Our professionals will arrive at your doorstep on the same booking day. Pestico Pest Control Brisbane conducts an intensive inspection of your infected region, but alternatively makes use of the proper method to eradicate the wasps.

    Our professionals serve both residential and business areas. Our professionals excel in wasp treatment Brisbane and make sure that the solutions are safe and secure for your pets and kids.

    Professionals from Pestico Pest Control Brisbane are educated and can deal with all forms of wasps. We operate 24*7 hours to answer your questions.


    All over Brisbane, we offer an immediate termination service for wasps. Our wasp controllers use advanced systems and methods to deal with wasps. If you need our wasp control service, ask for a free quote today!

    Types Of Wasp Nests

    Wasps make a variety of nests. These nests can be made by different kinds of wasps with different materials. Check out the wasp nests that you can find around your home:

    1. Paper Wasp Nests

    The wasps construct these nests with help of saliva and chewed wood. These nests are small and bowl-shaped. You can see the brooding cells in the nest from the outer covering.

    1. Mud Daubers Nests

    Mud dauber species of wasps make these nests with dry mud. These nests are usually present in the sheds, side walls and windows.

    1. Southern Yellowjacket Nests

    These nests can be found in trees, old vehicles or plant pots. You can see hexagonal cells in the nest that contain eggs.

    1. Cicada Killer Wasp Nest

    These nests made by Cicada killer wasps are present under the soil or sand. The ground hornets can destroy the root systems, patios and bricks while digging the ground.

    1. Potter Wasp Nests

    Have you ever seen a miniature clay pot? Well, these nests look like these pots. Mason wasps make these nests with dirt and water. These nests can be found on the walls of the house.

    Importance of Wasp Control Brisbane Service

    Different species of wasps such as paper wasps, solitary wasps, and yellow jacket wasps are considered dangerous to humans. These pests live in their colonies and can attack any person at any time. They are aggressive and can use their long stinger to transmit venom into the human body.

    To avoid allergic reactions and painful inflammation in the skin, you must seek help from the experts working at Pestico Pest Control Brisbane. We have the best pesticides and tools that help us to remove the wasps from both commercial and residential places.

    Process of Wasp Removal Brisbane

    If wasps are making it difficult for you to roam in the garden, then it’s time to get them eliminated. You can ask our experts to remove the wasps from your premises. Our experts will follow these steps to eradicate the wasps:

    Have you noticed any of these nests in or around your residence? Call us today to hire the wasp treatment Brisbane specialists!

    • Examination

    A complete inspection of the tainted region could be accomplished with the aid of our group before managing the wasps. The search allows daily apprehend the nature of the infestation and all wasp-inhabited regions. Our research additionally explores numerous other origins that encourage wasps in your residential and business locations.

    • Remedy Plan

    After the assessment is complete, our experts decide on the first-rate treatment tailored to control the wasps. We have got a personalised wasp control service on the same day of booking. Our specialists provide wasps with a safe and powerful elimination service. We communicate a complete plan before beginning the control services to you.

    • Use of Insecticides

    We use things such as insect sprays, splashes, and non-concoction therapy every day to dispose of wasps. Based on the degree of wasp infestation in your land, the combination of products is decided. At Pestico Pest Control Brisbane, we take care of everyone’s health by choosing the products that are safe for pets and kids.

    • Post-Treatment Visit

    To look at the condition of the infestation after the treatment, our team goes to the site again. It is monitored whether the wasps are removed from the property or not. The treatment duration is increased if the pests are not gone from the place.

    Do you want our experienced team to work for you? Pick up your phone and book the wasp control Brisbane service today. Apart from wasp removal, we can also provide you with different services such as ant control, spider control, cockroach control and borer control.

    What Makes Our Company a Perfect Choice for You?

    If you are searching for a trustworthy company in the field of pest control, then we can be the best choice for you. You can get the following benefits by choosing our modern pest control treatments:

    The prices of our services are reasonable
    Our team is experienced and certified.
    Our eco-friendly approach makes us suitable for homes that have kids or pets
    Our company serves both residential and commercial clients
    •You can book the wasp removal Brisbane treatment on the same day

    Wasp Control Brisbane Service for Commercial Places

    The premises of commercial places should be protected from wasps. The people visiting the commercial complexes may find it risky to enter your hotel, hospital or schools because of the presence of wasps. No matter how huge the building is, the team at Pestico Pest Control Brisbane can handle it with ease. Our commercial pest control professionals have relevant tools and they can kill the wasps without harming your property or health.

    How to Keep Wasps Away from Your Home?

    It is necessary to know about the wasp prevention methods as early as possible. Failing to do so may result in the recurrence of these pests. For your help, we have listed some effective yet easy tips to keep the wasps away:

    Use a blend of different oils like clove, geranium and lemongrass to repel the wasps
    Whenever you find a wasp, spray a solution of soap and water to suffocate it
    Peppermint oil is a great wasp repelling solvent
    Don’t forget to cover the holes and cracks if you want to keep the wasps away from home.
    Keep the food and trash bins covered

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How long do wasps survive?

    A queen wasp can live up to 12 months while worker wasps live for around 12-22 days.

    1. What is the main difference between wasps and bees?

    The major difference between wasps and bees lies in their food preference. The wasps are carnivores while bees are herbivorous.

    1. Do you offer wasp removal treatment on weekends?

    Yes, our team works on weekends. You can contact us to book the service for weekends.

    1. How much should I pay for the wasp control service?

    To know the price, you have to speak with our executive. We will prepare a quote based on your requirements.

    1. Can I kill the wasps without taking the training?

    No, you should not try DIY hacks on wasps because they are aggressive pests. They can harm you with painful stings.

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